Previous Issues of Joyce Studies Annual Journal

  • Articles

    Mark Osteen, Irish Haptoglyphics: The Manual and the Tactile in Joyce’s Fiction

    Kent Emerson, Joyce’s Ulysses: A Database Narrative

    Susan Bazargen, Leopold Bloom and William Ellis’s Three Visits to Madagascar: Photography, Botany, and Race

    Thomas O’Grady, Richard Madden’s War: Borges, Joyce, and the Labyrinth of History

    So Onose, The Crozier and the Pen: “Aeolus” and the University Question

    Tristan Power, Married His Cook to Massach: Masochistic Fiction in Ulysses

    Younghee Kho, “Moving Beyond Famine: Joyce, Emigration, and Imagining New Community in “Penelope”

    Visual Art

    Tasha Lewis, Illustrating James Joyce’s Ulysses in Eight Weeks: A Visual Commentary Articles

    Jurate Levina, The Aesthetics of Phenomena: Joyce’s Epiphanies

    Susan Mooney, Interrupted Masculinity in Dubliners: Anxiety, Shame and Shontological Ethics


    Richard Gerber, “La Figura,” Image of Divine Love: The Figure of Beatrice in Dante’s Vita Nuova and Mangan’s Sister in “Araby”

  • Morton P. Levitt, My Life in Joyce Studies, Such as It Is

    Kimberly J. Devlin, Joyce’s “meanderthalltale”: Tracing the Passed/Past in Finnegans Wake

    Jeremy Colangelo, Textual Authority and Diagnostic Joyce: Re-reading the Way We Read the Wake

    Marion Quirici, Degeneration, Decadence and Joyce’s Modernist Disability Aesthetics

    Rodney X. Sharkey, Patriarchal Dissolution in Finnegans Wake: Reading Joyce’s “porterpeace”

    Timothy Martin, Elegaic Ulysses; Or the Story of a Day

    Leonid Ossney, Real Time in Ulysses [art image]

    Michael Opest, Epiphanic Ulysses: Joyce’s Trail of Breadcrumbs

    Patrick Milian, Bronze by Goldenhair: Music as Language in Chamber Music and “Sirens”

    Hailey Haffey, Speak, Suck, Bite…Kiss: Mother-Son Love in Joyce

    Michael F. Davis, A Little Cloud of Queer Suspicion

    Cathal Pratt, Joyce Studies Annual Ten Year Index

  • Articles

    Garry Leonard, “Soul Survivor: Stephen Dedalus as the Priest of the Eternal Imagination”

    Julie McCormick Weng, “From ‘Dear Dirty Dublin’ to ‘Hibernian Metropolis’: A Vision of the City through the Tramways of Ulysses

    Ethan King, “‘All that the hand says when you touch’: Intercorporeal Ethics in Joyce’s Ulysses

    Frank Callahan, “The Parnellism of James Joyce: ‘Ivy Day in the Committee Room’”

    Margaret McBride, “St. Martin and HCE in Joyce’s‘ Loonacied…Madwake’”

    Boriana Alexandrova, “Wakeful Translations: An Initiation into the Russian Translations of Finnegans Wake”


    Colleen Jurretche, “Leafy Speafing: Drama and Finnegan’s Wake”

    John Gordon, “Noble Rot”

    Richard Gerber, “Joyce’s ‘Araby’ and the Mystery of Mangan’s Sister”

  • Articles

    Gabriel Renggli, "A Wakean Whodunit: Death and Authority in Finnegans Wake"

    Tim Conley, "Cog It Out: Joyce on the Brain"

    Ruben Borg, "Love in Joyce: A Philosophical Apprenticeship"

    Jeremy Colangelo, "The Grotesque Gigantic: Stephen Hero, Maximalism and Bahktin"

    Thomas O’Grady, "Dublin…Paris…Behan…Joyce"

    Martha Carpentier, "'We have been abandoned here': Catholicism and the Priesthood in Joyce's 'The Sisters' and Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory"

    John Lee Moore, "'With a glance of motherwit helping': Empathy and Laugher in 'Oxen of the Sun'"

    Sarah Davison, "Trenchant Criticism: Joyce's Use of Richard Chenevix Trench's Philological Studies in 'Oxen of the Sun'"

    Arleen Ionescu, "From Translation to Re-creation: The Cases of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake in Romanian"

    Roy Benjamin, "Room in the Kirkyaard: Either/Or and the Heinousness of Choice in Finnegans Wake"


    Aston Verz, "Finnegans Wake in Comess" [graphic rendering of the opening pages of Finnegans Wake]


    Elizabeth Foley O’Connor, "In Bed with Ulysses: A Conversation with Alan Adelson and Kate Taverna"


    John Gordon, "'The Dead' as Funnel, or Perhaps Tundish"

    Richard Gerber, "Clocks and Time in 'Araby'"

    Natasha Rose Chenier, "Leopold Bloomed in the Fountain of Salmacis"

  • Articles

    Geert Lernout, "Finishing a Book Without Title: The Final Years of 'Work in Progress'"

    Leonid Livak, "'A Thankless Occupation': James Joyce and His Translator Ludmila Savitzky"

    Richard Russell, "Irish Unionism, North Ireland Protestantism, and the Home Rule Question in Joyce's Dubliners"

    Murray McArthur, "Replication and Narration: 'Counterparts' as a Replicon of Joycean Narration"

    Martha Stallman and Margot Backus, "The Woman Who Did: Maria's Maternal Misdirection in 'Clay'"

    Stephanie Pocock Boeninger, "'The most important thing that can happen to a man': Fatherhood as a Challenge to Symbolism in 'A Little Cloud'"

    Galia Benziman, "The Child's Perspective: Hardy, Joyce, and the Redefinition of Childlike Romantic Sensibilities"

    Jefferey Simons, "Depiction, Ontogeny, and Lyric in A Portrait"

    Tom Simone, "'Met him pike hoses': Ulysses and the Neurology of Reading"

    Jay Jin, "The Physics of Voice in Joyce's 'Ithaca'"

    Anne Marie D'Arcy, "'Vartryville': Dublin's Water Supply and Joyce's Sublation of Local Government"


    Alison Lacivita, "Polar Exploration in Finnegans Wake"

    Michael Lavers, "'To No End Gathered': Poetry and Urination in Joyce's Ulysses"

    Theodore Feder, "Leopold Bloom, Prince of the People"

  • Articles

    Joseph Valente, “Stephen’s ‘Allwombing Tomb’: Mourning, Paternity, and the Incorporation of the Mother in Ulysses

    Luca Crispi, “A New Start for Ulysses in the Marketplace: 1932”

    James Fairhall, “Nature, Existential Shame, and Transcendence: An Ecocritical Approach to Ulysses

    Erika Mihalysca, “‘Where’s the bleeding awfur?’: The Oxen Coda in Translation”

    Martha Carpentier, “Orwell’s Joyce and Coming Up For Air

    Paul Jones, “A Tamed Bird Escaped from Captivity: Leaving Ireland in George Moore’s The Lake and Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

    Bonnie Roos, “Cowboys and Indians: ‘An Encounter’ and the Failed Heroics of a Young Ireland”

    James Robinson, “‘Nuvoletta and the Dantellising Peaches’: Dante, Femininity and the Poetic Intertexts of Issy in Finnegans Wake

    Roy Benjamin, “Northman…Norman…Noman: Conquest and Effacement in Finnegans Wake


    Elaine Wood, “Parodic Romance: Joyce, Byron, and Sir Tristan in Finnegans Wake 11.4”

    Richard Gerber, “Joyce on ‘L’Arabie’”

    Arleen Ionescu, “Joyce’s Reception in Romania, 1935-1965”

  • Articles

    Kimberly J. Devlin, “Rereading Ulysses: Indeterminacy, Error, and Fixing the Past”

    Julieann Ulin, “’Famished Ghosts’: Famine Memory in James Joyce’s Ulysses

    J. Stephen Murphy, “How Geen is the Portrait? Joyce, Passive Revision, and the History of Modernism”

    Kaherine Ebury, “Beyond the Rainbow: Spectroscopy in Finnegans Wake II.1”

    Robbert-Jan Henkes, “On the Verge of the Wake: Joyce’s Reading in Notebook VI.B.10”


    “A Conversation with Victoria Bond"


    Emily Cersonsky, “Reconsidering a Wehg Less Travelled: Another Look at Stündel’s German Finnegan

    Jesse Meyers, “Marian Encryptions in ‘Nausicaa’”


    Elizabeth Foley O’Connor, “Review of Janine Utell’s James Joyce and the Revolt of Love: Marriage, Adultery and Desire

  • Articles

    Amanda Sigler, “Joyce’s Ellmann: The Beginnings of James Joyce

    Peter Nohrnberg, “’Building Up a Nation Once Again’: Irish Masculinity, Violence, and the Cultural Politics of Sports in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses

    Denise Ayo, “Scratching at Scabs: The Garryowens of Ireland”

    Lauren Rich, “A Table for One: Hunger and Unhomeliness in Joyce’s Public Eateries”

    Angela Nemecek, “Reading the Disabled Woman: Gerty MacDowell and the Stigmaphilic Space of ‘Nausciaa’”

    Dieter Fuchs, “’Szombathely, Vienna, Budapest: Epic Geography and the Austro-Hungarian Subtext of James Joyce’s Ulysses”

    Roy Benjamin, “Intermisunderstanding Minds: The First Gospel in Finnegans Wake


    Faith Steinberg, “Joyce Illustrates Finnegans Wake (verbally) and HCE Goes Tomb-Hopping”

    Joseph Kestner, “James Joyce’s ‘Araby’ on Film”

    Brandon Lamson, “Orpheus Descending: Images of Psychic Descent in ‘Hades’ and ‘Circe’”

    Thomas Rendall, “Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ and the Mid-life Crisis”

  • Articles

    Kimberly J. Devlin, “Attempting to Teach Finnegans Wake: Reading Strategies and Interpretive Arguments for Newcomers”

    Philip Kitcher, “Collideorscape: Finnegans Wake in the Large and in the Small”

    Vike Plock, “'Knock, knock. War’s where?’: History, Macbeth, and Finnegans Wake

    Roy Benjamin, “The Second Gospel in Finnegans Wake

    Aingeal Clare, “'Pseudo-stylistic Shamiana’: James Joyce and James Clarence Mangan”

    Margot Norris, “The Stakes of Stephen’s Gambit in ‘Scylla and Charybdis’”

    Ariela Freedman, “The Metamorphosis of Ulysses

    Cynthia Hornbeck, “Greekly Imperfect: The Homeric Origins of ‘Nausciaa’”

    Erika Mihalycsa, “Translating the Gap: The Hungarian an Romanian ‘fillings-in’ of Bloom’s ‘I AM A’ in ‘Nausicaa’”

    Jennifer Burns Levin, “'Ruby pride of the ring on the floor naked’: Fetishizing the Circus Girl in Joyce’s Ulysses"

    Jay Gertzman, “Not Quite Honest: Samuel Roth’s ‘Unauthorized’ Ulysses and the 1927 International Protest"

    Frank Kerins, “The Deification of Corely in ‘Two Gallants’: Reinventing the Neurotic Self”

    Melissa Free, “’Who is G.C.?’: Misprizing Gabriel Conroy in Joyce’s ‘The Dead’”

  • Addresses from the 2007 International James Joyce Conference:

    Thomas F. Staley, "A Life with Joyce"

    Robert Spoo, "Litigating the Right to Be a Scholar"

    Carol Loeb Shloss, "Copyright and the Joyce Estate: Legal Issues, Moral Issues, & Unresolved Issues in the Publication of Lucia Joyce: To Dance in the Wake"


    Alistair McCleery, William S. Brockman, and Ian Gunn, "Fresh Evidence and Further Complications: Correcting the Text of the Random House 1934 Edition of Ulysses"

    Garry Leonard, "He’s Got Bette Davis Eyes: Joyce and Melodrama"

    Margot Gayle Backus, "’Odd Jobs’: James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and the New Journalism"

    William Sayers, "The Russian General, Gargantua, and Joyce Writing ‘of his wit’s waste’ in Finnegans Wake"

    Sam Slote, "1904, A Space Odyssey"

    Michael Lapointe, "Irish Nationalism’s Sacrificial Homosociality in Ulysses"

    Andre Cormier, "’Our eyes demand their turn. Let them be seen!’: The Transcendental Blind Stripling in Ulysses"

    Visual Art

    Carl Köhler, Sketches of James Joyce Going Blind


    Carla Baricz, "The Finnegans Wake Diagram and Giordano Bruno"

    Frank Kerins, "’Sounding strangely in my ears’: Foregrounded Words and Joyce’s Revision of  'The Sisters'"

    Steven Doloff, "Sworn and Forlorn: Chateaubriand’s Atala and Joyce’s ‘Eveline’"

  • Article

    Margot Norris, “Possible Worlds Theory and Joyce’s ‘Wandering Rocks’: The Case of Father Conmee"

    Edmund Epstein, “The Content and Form of Finnegans Wake: With a Synopsis of the Wake”

    John McCourt, "Joyce's Well of the Saints"

    Leonid Osseny, “Inner Monologue” (graphic interpretation of Ulysses—8-page color gallery)

    Art Zilleruelo, “Untext, Narrative Neurosis and Psychosis, and Oedipus Dedalus: Form-warp in Ulysses”

    Matthew Creasy, “Manuscripts and Misquotations: Ulysses and Genetic Criticism”

    Vicki Mahaffey, "Love, Race and Exiles: The Bleak Side of Ulysses

    Lorraine Wood, “Joyce’s Ineluctable Modality: (Re)Reading the Structure of ‘Sirens’”

    Frank Shovlin, “’Endless stories about the distillery’: Joyce, Death and Whiskey”

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