Current Issue of Joyce Studies Annual Journal


Seeing James Joyce’s Ulysses Into the Digital Age: Forty Years of Steering an Edition Through Turbulences of Scholarship and Reception
Hans Walter Gabler

A Lifelong Odyssey, Ulysses and Me: The Gifford and Seidman Annotation
Robert J. Seidman

Philatelic Ulysses
Julieann Veronica Ulin

Leopold Bloom on Death
Jefferey Simons

“The link between nations and generations”: Cissy Caffrey as Radicalized and Sexualized Other in James Joyce’s Ulysses
Casey Lawrence

Building Metonymic Meaning with Joyce, Deleuze, and Guattari
Gabriel Renggli

One Man Like a City: Masculinity and History in Finnegans Wake and William Carlos Williams’s Paterson
Michelle McSwiggan Kelly

“A phantom city, phaked of philim pholk”: Spectral Topographies and Re-awakenings in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wakeand Sheridan Le Fanu’s The House by the Churchyard
Katie Mishler

Spies in Joyce’s “The Sisters”: Allegorical Histories, the Irish Rebellion, and The Count of Monte Cristo
Bonnie Roos


Drawing on Finnegans Wake: “the one the pictor of the other”
Peter O’Brien


The Horses of “Araby”
Richard J. Gerber