Studies in American Fiction Journal Editorial Board


Duncan Faherty, Queens College and The CUNY Graduate Center
Maria Farland, Fordham University

Editorial Board:

Edward Cahill, Fordham University
Leonard Cassuto, Fordham University
Kandice Chuh, The CUNY Graduate Center
Daniel Contreras, Fordham University
Glenn Hendler, Fordham University
Hildegard Hoeller, College of Staten Island and The CUNY Graduate Center
Eric Lott, The CUNY Graduate Center
Julie C. Kim, Fordham University
Robert F. Reid-Pharr, The CUNY Graduate Center
David Reynolds, The CUNY Graduate Center
Joan Richardson, The CUNY Graduate Center
Siân Silyn Roberts, Queens College (CUNY)
Rebecca Sanchez, Fordham University
Jordan Stein, Fordham University

Advisory Editors:

Rachel Adams, Columbia University
Walter Benn Michaels, University of Illinois at Chicago
Lawrence Buell, Harvard University
Michelle Burnham, Santa Clara University
Amy Hungerford, Yale University
Christopher Looby, UCLA
Louis Menand, Harvard University
Monica Miller, Barnard College
Sianne Ngai, Stanford University
Shirley Samuels, Cornell University

Managing Editors:

Sara Jane Stone, The CUNY Graduate-Center
Paul Thifault, Springfield College