Language Exam

Students in our PhD program must prove competency in one or more languages other than English or the student's native language. To register for an exam, students should contact the director of graduate studies. Examinations are administered by the following members of the department:

Bengali: Asif Siddiqi
Chinese (Classical and Mandarin): Grace Shen
French: Rosemary Wakeman, Silvana Patriarca, Wolfgang Mueller, Thierry Rigogne, Susan Wabuda, Maryanne Kowaleski, Nicholas Paul
German: Wolfgang Mueller, David Hamlin, David Myers
Hebrew: Doron Ben-Atar
Irish (Gaelic): Christopher Maginn
Italian: Silvana Patriarca, Wolfgang Mueller
Latin: Wolfgang Mueller, Nicholas Paul
Polish: Magda Teter
Russian: Asif Siddiqi
Portuguese: Yuko Miki
Spanish: Sal Acosta, Beth Penry, Yuko Miki
Turkish and Ottoman Turkish: Ebru Turan
Yiddish: Daniel Soyer

Students in the medieval European PhD program must also show proficiency in Latin or Greek. For Latin, students may meet this requirement by passing a language examination supervised by one of the faculty members listed above. Otherwise, students may complete coursework in the language.