Integrative Neuroscience Independent Research Requirement

Students must enroll in at least one semester of independent research (NEUR 4999) for a minimum of three credits. In order to enroll in NEUR 4999 Rose Hill students must complete the RH Tutorial Approval form and Lincoln Center students must complete the LC Tutorial Approval form. This is typically done during the fall semester of the senior year but can be completed earlier with approval from the Program Director.

The student is expected to conduct an independent research project, the results of which are expected to be presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Spring of the student’s senior year. This research can be conducted with a Fordham professor or with an outside mentor. If an outside mentor is selected, the site and research project must be approved by the Program Director. Also, a Fordham faculty mentor must be involved in order to track progress and to provide an evaluation of the student so that (s)he can receive credits for NEUR 4999. We strongly urge students to begin their research during their junior year (or earlier), as this is the only way to get sufficient experience.

Students may also pursue research over the summer through a Summer Neuroscience Research Fellowship at another institution. As indicated above, students pursuing these summer programs must have a faculty member at Fordham who will assist the student in a background literature review of the project (s)he completed over the summer in order to obtain the NEUR 4999 credits in the fall.

Neuroscience Research at Fordham

Please see our list of Affiliated Faculty for neuroscience research you can get involved in at Fordham.

For additional information on undergraduate research and research grants at Fordham see:

Rose Hill Undergraduate Research

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Research Opportunities Outside of Fordham

While many Integrative Neuroscience students will pursue their independent research with Fordham faculty, others may choose to work at other institutions.

Frank Gifford Memorial Internships

This program is available through the generous support of Fordham Law School alumnus Phillip Marella, and his foundation, Dana’s Angels Research Trust (DART). Mr. Marella has pledged to support one Integrative Neuroscience student this year to conduct research over the summer at the laboratory of Dr. Frederick Maxfield at Weill Cornell Medical College. The focus of this fellowship is to promote research aimed at finding genetic interventions for Niemann-Pick Type C Disease (an illness which has afflicted Mr. Marella’s children). Support includes a stipend and Fordham housing. Applications for this fellowship are due February 28, 2020.

If you are interested in applying, please send your CV, cover letter, and transcript (can be an unofficial copy) to [email protected]. Indicate "DART Fellowship Application" in the Subject Line.

Other Opportunities

View a list of investigators around the New York City Metro Area who have voiced interest in taking a Fordham student. Please let us know if you are applying.

View summer research opportunities.