Our Mission

Ignite your vision. Begin your practice.

The Fordham Theatre Program trains artists to develop their practice through mentored exploration in performance, design and production, directing, and playwriting.

Collaboration is the keystone: our majors launch their training with a year-long class in collaboration. We learn by doing: our experiential curriculum augments our full mainstage season with student-driven studio productions. Artistic freedom is crucial: our studio season is created and run completely by students. Process is primary: a result reveals itself as a moment in a continuous process. Risk is a muscle: we nurture the impulse to risk, the core of creativity. Ethics surface in an artist’s choice: we care for the whole person. Our faculty cultivate diverse aesthetics: the Fordham Theatre Company explores classical and experimental work. We merge our training with the professional world; we co-produce with leading NYC theatre companies on our mainstage.

Who are we seeking? Curious risk-takers in love with community. What kind of artists do we create? Graduates of the Fordham Theatre Program emerge skilled, flexible, and empowered to meet the demands of our evolving field.