Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)

Beginning with 2017 summer registration, all students who register for new course work will be required to electronically sign (e-sign) a Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA). Colleges and universities increasingly use such agreements to make sure students understand their financial obligation to the institution.

Upon registering you will receive an email inviting you to read and sign the agreement. The process should be easy and take little time. If you do not sign your agreement within three weeks of receiving the agreement, a hold will be placed on your account.

You may also read and sign the Financial Responsibility Agreement by logging onto

A Financial Responsibility Agreement is a disclosure agreement between you and Fordham University that states that you agree to pay all charges that result from your registration and services you receive from the university. You will be asked to acknowledge that you understand that you are responsible to pay for all charges associated with your attendance and where applicable, residence costs at the university.

The agreement will also explain:

  • how your financial aid is used to pay your bill.
  • the consequences of not paying your bill in a timely fashion.
  • how we let you know about any balance you owe the university.

If you refuse to sign the form, your enrollment will be subject to cancellation since you are not agreeing to pay the charges for which you incur as a result of the services you receive at Fordham.

You will only need to sign the agreement once as long as you maintain continuous enrollment with the university.

Please take the time to review the rest of our Terms and Conditions.