Terms and Conditions

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all tuition and other charges are satisfied in a timely fashion. The student is responsible for keeping their mail and e-mail address accurate and up to date. Per University policy all email communications are sent to your Fordham e-mail address. The University is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Please add [email protected] to your address book.

  • The AMOUNT DUE is payable on or before the DUE DATE to be considered on time. The DUE DATE that appears on each bill refers to newly billed charges only. For unpaid, previously billed charges a Late Payment Fee of $15 or 1.5% whichever is greater, will be added to the outstanding balance, if payment is not posted to the student’s account by the DUE DATE. Please be sure to include the Fordham student identification number with all payments.Failure to make payment may result in cancellation of registration and campus housing. The University may also deny access to registration, official transcripts, and diplomas.

  • Credit balances resulting from various sources including estimated financial aid, monthly payment plans, and other authorized forms of payment are not refundable until such amounts are received and applied to the student’s account. Refund processing for a term begins after the add/drop period for the student’s home school has passed. Refunds will be processed as follows: credit back to the original credit cards up to the amount of the original charge, PLUS loans refunded to parents, monthly payment plan payments refunded to applicant,all other credits to the student.

  • To dispute a charge a written statement explaining the item in question, the reason for disputing the item, and the amount in dispute must be submitted to and received by the appropriate office listed below no later than the DUE DATE of the bill on which the charge first appears. The remainder of the bill must be paid by the DUE DATE to avoid late fees and holds. If you have an inquiry about an entry on this invoice, please contact the appropriate office:

    Rose Hill: 718-817-4900
    Lincoln Center: 718-817-4900

    Residence Hall
    Rose Hill:718-817-3080
    Lincoln Center: 212-636-7100

    Meal Plans
    Rose Hill: 718-817-4515
    Lincoln Center: 212-636-6066

    Undergraduate Financial Aid and Educational Loans
    Rose Hill: 718-817-3800
    Lincoln Center: 718-817-3800
    Westchester: 914-367-3204

    Study Abroad

    Law School Financial Aid

    Other Graduate University Aid (Grants, Scholarships)
    Contact the graduate department responsible for that aid.

  • Fordham University provides you with Electronic Billing (E-Bill) accessible by clicking on the “My E-Bill Suite” link on my.fordham.edu. With E-Bill you may view and pay your bill online, grant permission to others (parents, employers, etc.) to view your bill and make payments, store payment methods for quick and easy payment, and schedule payments for a future date. For more information please visit www.fordham.edu/ebill.

  • Educational loans will reduce the amount due on your bill up to the first day of the term,if the loan has been originated by the University’s Office of Student Financial Services and approved by the Department of Education. For private educational loans, Fordham must have received the lender’s final approval. It is important to note that the majority of educational loans are disbursed in two installments. Therefore, deduct only one term’s disbursement amount minus any fees if the loan is not on the bill. Please Note: If you have been awarded a Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized or Graduate PLUS Loan, to receive credit first time borrowers must complete a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling online by visiting www.studentloans.gov.

  • Estimated financial aid will reduce the AMOUNT DUE up to the beginning of the term. However, estimated financial aid does not represent an actual payment. Financial aid is awarded based on timely application, satisfactory academic progress, enrollment status, completion of the verification process, and availability of funds. All types of financial aid (state, federal, etc.) are disbursed in compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements. Acceptance of your financial aid and the terms and conditions of your awards must be received and processed by the Enrollment Group for aid to show as estimated and/or to be disbursed to your student account. You may accept your financial aid awards online by logging on to my.fordham.edu.

  • For unpaid, previously billed charges a Late Payment Fee of $15 or 1.5% whichever is greater, will be added to the outstanding balance, if payment is not posted to the student’s account by the due date.

  • Per federal regulation, student and parent borrowers have the right to cancel or adjust their federal loan(s) within 14 days of disbursement notification.

    Borrowers can request a loan adjustment outside of the 14-day timeframe, however, a credit balance must exist on the student’s account to cover the amount of the return.

    Borrowers must notify Fordham financial aid, in writing, if they want their loan(s) canceled or adjusted and specify the following: loan type, amount, and term. Students must use their Fordham email, and parents must use the email provided on the loan application.

    Federal loans are subject to an origination fee that deducts from the loan before disbursement. Borrowers must factor the origination fee into the reduction of loan funds. The Department of Education offers detailed information on these loan fees.

    Students and parents who wish to cancel or adjust their loan(s) bear no repayment responsibility on returned loan funds to the lender.