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Severe Weather

If you receive warning that severe weather is approaching:

  • Proceed to a safe area where you can stay inside and have access to weather related information.
  • Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the anticipated weather.
In a severe thunderstorm:
  • Take cover immediately.
  • Avoid trees.
  • Avoid metal, electrical equipment, telephones, bathtubs, water faucets,and sinks.
  • Completely steer clear of downed power lines.

In a flash flood:

  • Seek high ground.
  • Do not attempt to drive a vehicle through standing or running water.
In a tornado:
  • Go to the basement or lowest point of your building, or an interior room or hallway without windows.

In a tropical storm/hurricane watch:

  • Pay attention to local weather forecasts and bulletins for further directions.
  • Bring inside any loose lightweight objects (i.e., garbage cans, furniture, etc.)
  • Close windows and doors.
In all cases of anticipated or actual severe weather:
  • Information will be available by calling the Fordham University Emergency
  • Information Numbers, which are 877-375-HELP (4357), 800-280-SNOW (7669),718-817-5555, or 212-636-7777.
Department of Public Safety 

Rose Hill
Extension: 2222 or 5832
Phone: 718-817-2222 or 718-817-5832

Lincoln Center
Extension: 6076
Phone: 212-930-8888 or 212-636-6076

Extension: 3333
Phone: 914-367-3001 or 914-367-3333