Gas Leaks

Signs of Gas Leak:

  • Smell: strong odor similar to rotten eggs;
  • See: white cloud, mist, fog, bubbles in standing water;
  • Hear: hissing or whistling sound.

If you suspect a gas leak:
1. Immediately notify the Department of Public Safety. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Building name
  • Floor number
  • Room number
  • Specific chemical name of the involved gas (if known)
  • Estimated volume involved (if known)

* If the odor is very strong, do not do anything to create a spark that could cause an explosion. Do not turn on or off any light switch or electrical device, do not use a cell phone, ring a doorbell, or use a flashlight. Any spark could ignite a fire or explosion

2. Open windows, if possible.

3. Immediately evacuate all building occupants, using the building evacuation procedures.

4. Vacate the building area and remain at least 1,000 feet from the structure.

5. Stay away from the building and follow directions of emergency responders until  instructed to return by public safety personnel.

Department of Public Safety
Rose Hill
718-817-2222 or 718-817-5832
Extension: 2222 or 5832

Lincoln Center
212-930-8888 or 212-636-6076
Extension: 6076

914-367-3001 or 914-367-3333
Extension: 3333