Fire safety is important. Everyone should be observant and aware of every exit in any venue they enter.

As soon as you become aware of a fire:

  • Pull the nearest fire alarm device or make sure an alarm has already been sent.
  • Notify the Department of Public Safety (see numbers below).
  • If fire occurs in your room, leave immediately and close the door behind you.
  • Follow the directions of fire wardens, public safety personnel, resident assistants, or resident directors.
  • Follow building evacuation directions. Never go to the roof.
  • Exit quickly and move at least 200 feet away from the building. Do not remain   in lobby or near entrances as first responders need access for their personnel/equipment.
  • Notify fire wardens/public safety personnel of the location of anyone injured or with physical challenges still within the complex. If safe to do so, assist them to a secure location close to an evacuation stairwell.
  • Never let fire get between yourself and the exit.
  • Stay away from elevators. Use the stairs only.
  • Stay out of smoke-filled rooms.
  • Check doors before opening. If they are warm to the touch, do not enter.

Note: Extinguish a fire only if you are trained to use a fire extinguisher and an alarm has been sent.

If evacuation is not possible:

  • Remain in place and keep the door closed.
  • Call the Department of Public Safety, if possible to do so, and advise them of your exact  location.
  • Prevent smoke from entering your location by blocking openings. Use wet towels or clothing.
  • Do not open or break the window glass unless absolutely necessary. Oxygen will intensify fire.
  • If smoke is present in your room, remain close to the window. If possible, hold a wet towel to your face and stay low to the floor.
  • Hang a white towel or bright clothing out a window to alert first responders.

Follow the directions from public safety personnel as heard on the public address system.

Department of Public Safety

Rose Hill
718-817-2222 or 718-817-5832
Extension: 2222 or 5832

Lincoln Center
212-930-8888 or 212-636-6076
Extension: 6076

914-367-3001 or 914-367-3333
Extension: 3333