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Feerick Center for Social Justice

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In the AmeriCorps VISTA program, you have a chance to serve in the community by working on a social justice project. You will work alongside community leaders and local organizations to make a lasting impact. This is a wonderful opportunity for a person passionate about economic equity, access to justice, and interested in pursuing a public interest career. AmeriCorps VISTA members commit to a one-year, full-time term of service. In exchange, you will receive a modest living allowance, a $6,345 education award (to put towards education expenses such as student loans or future tuition expenses), health coverage, and many other benefits. 

Remote Consumer Project Coordinator (APPLY HERE)

Service terms for the above roles begin as of June 2021.

Visit to learn more about the program, benefits, and application process.

For more information, please contact Patrice Bryan, 2020-2021 VISTA Leader at

Fordham Law Feerick Center Friendraiser
Dilley 2018



A very special thank you to the Co-Chairs and the Committee for making the event a success!

Thank you to our extraordinary partners and presenters!

Shalyn Fluharty, Director, Proyecto Dilley, Asylum Defense Project
Cindy Woods, Managing Attorney, Proyecto de Ayuda para Solicitantes de Asilo (PASA), a project of the Asylum Defense Project


 Funds raised will support access-to-justice efforts at the border for asylum seekers in Dilley and those placed in MPP

The Feerick Center Immigrant Justice Project will;
- Work with Proyecto Dilley and other partners to support remote limited-scope pro bono opportunities
- Continue educational and fact-finding efforts

Even if you were unable to attend, you can still support the Center’s work by clicking the button below. Please earmark your support by indicating "Dilley" in the notation box.

Donations - Designate "Dilley"

Organizing Committee Co-Chairs

Grace Carney ’22
Mary Humphreys ’21
Lorena Jiron ’17
Frank Kearl ’18
Marisa Menna ’13
Andrea Vazquez ’12

Organizing Committee

Joan Abelardo ’17
Vianka Abreu ’20 
Zohra Ahmed ’13
Priscilla Alabi
Laura Alcantara-Wooley
Sonia Allahdad ‘19
Katherine Alonzo
Claire M. Amodio ’20
Emily Anderson ’13
Virginia M. Anderson ‘16
Cheryl Andrada
Deaconess Cindy Andrade Johnson 
Colette Andrei ’20
Emerson G. Argueta ’18 
Sarah Atlas ’18 
DeAnna Baumle ’18
Ruhi Behal ’19
Bree Bernwanger
Taylor Bessinger 
Jessie Boas ’19 
Brian Bowen 
Joanne E. Bozzuto ’84
Robert F. Brauer ’81
Justin Brown ’15
Margaret Byrne ‘80
Chrissie Cahill ’13
Eddie R. Cando ’20
Liza Carroll
Erika J. Castro Rosero
Rachel E. Chernov ’21
Kimberley Chin ’97
Lawrence V. Coffey ’21
Julian P. Constain ’20
Julia Cummings 
Sophia Dauria ’20
Dominique Davila ’18 
James Daw ’74
Mary C. Diaz ’20
Thomas A. Dunne
Gerrald Ellis ’10
Zoe Feingold
Kaitlyn Filzer
Joel A. Forman, M.D. 
Kyle Giller
Jennifer Gordon 
Ayanthi Gunawardana
Jessica Heymach
Michael Higgins ’08
Mary E. Humphreys ’21
Lauren Irby ’15
Anitoshia Johnson '11
Andrea N. Juarez Mendoza
Sara Klock
Marice Kobak '11
Donita Krasniqi
Mary Ellen Kris ’76
Joanna Laine
Morgan Larkin ’20
Michelle Lee ’14
William Lim ’07
Thomas A. Lloyd ’20
Carrie Loewenthal Massey ’06
E. Barry Lyon, ’76

Nicholas Macri
Alessandra Maldonado ’20
Kathryn McConnell
Ellen McCormick ’19
Thomas McShane ’17
Todd Melnick
Christian Mercado ’21
Kristy Watson Milkov ’03
Alex Mintz ’18
Zach Monjo ’21
Maris Moon
Kerianne Morrissey
Mary Beth Morrissey ’82 
Olympia L. Moy ’21
Evan M. Mullen
Linette Munoz
Monica Naranjo
Erynne R. Novetsky-Rennert ’07
Adriana Pepin 
Elizabeth Perez ’17
Jessica Posada ’19
Mandalena Prelashi ’19
Nicole Price ’19
Jennifer Puchalski ’14
Eli Putnam
Jeremiah Quinlan ’75
Anita Ravi, MD, MPH, MSHP, FAAFP
Robert J. Reilly ’75
Allison L. Richman ’18
Rebecca Riddell
Sophia Rivero ’21
Laura Rodriguez ’13
Jackeline Rodriguez Rojas ’13 (LL.M.)
Wilson Rosa ’18
Sara Rosano ’20 (LL.M.)
Brandon P. Ruben ’16
Elaine Schmidt
Lauren Schulman ’21
Deena Schwartz ‘12
Jessica Selman ’08
Erin Shahinfar ’19
Rob Sheehan ’13
Anna Stallmann ’13
Brett Stark
Jeanne Stewart
Julia Tedesco ’23 Evening 
Samantha Tighe
Margherita Tommasini ‘20
Lynda Patrice Tooker ’10
Maura E. Tracy ’20
Erandi Trevino ’22
Leigh A. Tuccio ’07
Anthoula Vasiliou ’19
Cora Vasserman
Joan Vermeulen
Scott Wagner ’10
Jerry Wein ’74
Chelsea Wilson
Elizabeth Snyder Wood ’18
Razeen Zaman ’16
Tzipora Zeines ’18
Haleigh Zillges ’21
Rebecca Zipursky ’20

For more information or to join the organizing committee, please contact Dora Galacatos ( or Karuna Patel (