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Feerick Center for Social Justice

2018 Feerick Center Awards & Benefit Reception

Thank you to the Co-Chairs, Committee members and all of the supporters who made the 2018 Feerick Center Awards and Benefit Reception a success! (See below for a list of the Co-Chairs and Committee members.)

Thank you to everyone who helped us honor a wonderful group of awardees. (See below for a list of the honorees.)

The generous support and donations given will enable the Feerick Center to continue its work in the critical areas of access to justice, educational equity, economic justice, and immigration.

If you did not have an opportunity to donate and would like to do so, click below.

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Daniel P. O’Toole with family and Feerick

Daniel P. O’Toole (far left) with family and John D. Feerick '61

Robert J. Reilly ’75 (far right) with family and John D. Feerick ’61 (far left)

Robert J. Reilly ’75 (far right) with family and John D. Feerick ’61 (far left)

J. Gregory Milmoe ’75, Feerick, and Laura Milmoe

J. Gregory Milmoe ’75, John D. Feerick, and Laura Milmoe

Rita M. Glavin ’96 and Feerick

Rita M. Glavin ’96 and John D. Feerick

Karla Sanchez ’95 and Cesar Perales ’65

Karla Sanchez ’95 and Cesar Perales ’65

2018 Awards and Benefit Reception Committee

Feerick Center for Social Justice

2018 Awards and Benefit Reception Committee*



Dennis J. Kenny ’61

Brian J. McCarthy ’78

Denis J. McInerney ’84

Adrienne Meisels '96 

Thomas A. Moore ’72

Stephen J. Murphy

Karla G. Sanchez ’95 

Irene A. Sullivan ’75 

Michael J. D. Sweeney ’96

Marcos D. Vigil ’02 

Robyn M. Watts ’96 

Edward M. Wolfe ’91

Elisabeth K. Wolfe ’97 



Francis J. Sweeney ’79 


David Anders ’94

Henry P. Baer

Maureen Scannell Bateman ’68

Ellen Bellet ’88

Sally Bellet ’76

Laurie Berke Weiss ’83

Robert D. Bickford, Jr. ’74

Lucy Coco Brusco ’87

Bradley J. Butwin ’85

Christine Burke Cesare ’84

Sylvia Fung Chin ’77

E. Carter Corriston ’60

Denis Cronin ’72

Kevin J. Curnin ’95

Paul Curnin ’87

Joel Davidson ’75

Nancy Delaney ’88

Christopher Della Pietra ’92

Stacey O’Haire Fahey ’88

Palmina M. Fava ’97

Stephen Fearon ’63

Scott Fitzgerald ’92

Patrick J. Foye ’81

William P. Frank ’66

Christian H. Gannon ’89

Rafal Gawlowski ’00

Joseph E. Geoghan ’64

Edward W. Greason ’58

Eric F. Grossman ’93

John J. Hanley ’00

Vilia B. Hayes ’80

Rose Gill Hearn ’88

Mark J. Hyland ’80

Christopher Jansen

Edward M. Joyce ’86

Constantine N. Katsoris ’57

Mary Ellen Kris ’76

E. Barry Lyon ’76

Eileen P. Matthews ’84

Matthew T. McLaughlin ’94

Megan McNamara ’13

Michael J. McNamara ’83

Neal J. Miranda ’80

Maura Kathleen Monaghan ’96

Mary Beth Quaranta Morrissey ’82

Patricia A. Murphy ’81

John J. Normile ’88

Bernard F. O’Hare ’80

Kathleen McInerney O’Hare ’80

Charles O’Neill ’72

Carlos G. Ortiz

Maura O’Sullivan ’85

Bret Parker ’93 

James Quinn ’71

Thomas K. Reilly ’88

James J. Roth ’83

C. David Sammons ’88

Betty Santangelo ’74

James P. Sauter ’87

Robert C. Sheehan

Jenny Gottlieb Shevick ’96 

Jacqueline W. Silbermann ’72

Catherine Curran Souther ’84

Thomas M. Souther ’84

Michael K. Stanton, Jr. ’86

Ian K. Sugarman ’95

James E. Tolan ’62

Steve Vincent ’83

Henry F. White, Jr.’76


*Committee as of September 24, 2018

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