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Feerick Center for Social Justice


Tuesday, March 10, 2020  |  6–7:30 p.m.

Fordham Law School
Bateman Room (Room 2-01B)
150 West 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023

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Enjoy food and refreshments with friends and colleagues and help us fundraise to send more Fordham Law students, alumni, and other volunteers to Dilley, Texas to assist asylum-seeking women and children who are in immigration detention. The Feerick Center for Social Justice organizes 5 service trips every year through the Dilley Pro Bono Project. Learn more about the Dilley volunteer experience here

To register for the event, please click above. You can also make an additional donation at the same site, but you will need to first purchase the tickets and then make the additional donation.

If you cannot attend, consider making a donation to support this important work. Please earmark your support by indicating "Dilley" in the notation box.

Anonymous Donor Match Challenge of 


 Help us unlock the match – every dollar donated up to $50,000 will be matched!



21 Service Trips since March 2016
170 unique volunteers
31 volunteers have gone more than once
5 Service Trips planned for 2020

112 Fordham Law School students have participated in service trips
58 Fordham Law School alumni and staff plus volunteers with other affiliations who have served as interpreters and immigration advocates
Hundreds of detained asylum-seeking woman with children assisted by volunteers on trips organized by the Feerick Center


Organizing Committee Co-Chairs

Emerson Argueta ’18
Frank Kearl ’18
Marisa Menna ’13
Christian Mercado ’21
Sophia Rivero ’21
Andrea Vazquez ’12


Organizing Committee

Priscilla Alabi 
Sonia Allahdad ’19
Emily Anderson ’13
Virginia M. Anderson ’16
Colette D. Andrei ’20 
Karen N. Ansong ’16
Sarah Atlas ’18
Ruhi Behal ’19
Sheileen E. Berlas ’20 
Bree Bernwanger 
Jessie Boas ’19
Brian Bowen 
Justin Brown ’15
Olga Byrne ’04
Eddie R. Cando ’20 
Anita Rojas Carroll ’18
Liza Carroll
Kimberley Chin ’97
Julian P. Constain ’20 
Joseph C. Costello ’10
Julia Cummings 
Sophia N. Dauria ’20 
Mary C. Diaz ’20
Thomas Dunne
Zoe Feingold
Kaitlyn Filzer 
Joel A. Forman, M.D.
Kyle Giller
Rachel L. Goot ’19 
Ayanthi Gunawardana
Derek Hackett
Michelle A. Herrera
Jessica Faith Heymach
Michael Higgins ’08 
Mary E. Humphreys ’21
Lauren Irby ’15
Lorena Jiron ’17
Michael King ’20 
Marcie Kobak ’11
Donita Macula Krasniqi
Mary Ellen Kris ’76 
Joanna Laine
Miyoshie C. Lamothe-Aime ’19 
Camilla A. Leonard
Thomas A. Lloyd ’20
E. Barry Lyon, ‘76

Nicholas Macri
Alessandra Maldonado ’20
Ellen I. McCormick ’19 
Kathryn McConnell 
Yarelyn Mena ’19 
Andrea N. Juarez Mendoza 
Kristy Watson Milkov ’03
Alex Mintz ’18
Zach Monjo ’21
Olympia L. Moy ’21 
Evan M. Mullen
Linette J. Munoz ‘21 
Yazmine C.L. Nichols ‘20
Elizabeth Perez ’17
Jessica Posada ’19
Nicole Elizabeth Price ’19
Robert J. Reilly ’75 
Erynne Novetsky Rennert ’06
Diana M. Ricaurte 
Allison L. Richman ’18
Andrea Rodriguez ’18
Wilson V. Rosa ’18
Sara Rosano ’20 (LL.M.)
Brandon P. Ruben ’16
Elaine Schmidt
Lauren Schulman ’21 
Deena Schwartz ’12
Arwa Sharif ’19 (LL.M.)
Anna R. Stallman ’13
Margherita Tommasini ’20 (LL.M.) 
Lynda Patrice Tooker ’10
Maure E. Tracy ’20
Erandi Trevino ’22 
Leigh A. Tuccio ’07
Anthoula Vasiliou ’19
Cora Vasserman
Joan Vermeulen
Scott Wagner  ’10
Jerry Wein ’74 
Chelsea Wilson
Elizabeth Snyder Wood ’18
Laura Wooley ’16
Razeen Zaman ’16
Tzipora Zeines ’18

For more information or to join the organizing committee, please contact

Dora Galacatos ( or Karuna Patel (