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What Do We Provide for Our Scholars?

The cornerstone of the CSTEP experience is the relationship between scholars and the program’s academic counselors, who work with students one on one throughout their time at Fordham.

Whether it’s help with your class schedule, reviewing personal statements, or finding summer research programs and internships, your counselor is always there to support you.

CSTEP scholars also benefit from multiple academic and career-oriented resources:

  • Career Counseling: Scholars receive regular career and academic guidance.

  • Paid Internships and Research Opportunities: Counselors connect students with academic-year and summer internships, as well as research assistantships, which are geared toward providing hands-on experience and exposure to the professions and fields of their interest. CSTEP provides stipends for student interns.

  • Career Seminars, Speakers, and Networking Opportunities: CSTEP arranges monthly career-development events to educate students about the opportunities and prerequisites necessary to enter CSTEP-targeted professions, like STEM fields, health, and law. Students connect with professionals employed in these areas.

  • Scholarships for Test Preparation Courses: CSTEP offers scholarships to assist students enrolling in MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, and GRE preparation courses.

  • Financial Aid for Graduate School Applications

  • Study Skills Workshops and Tutorials: These are provided to help students reinforce their time-management and study skills.

  • Computer Lab and Laptop Loaners

  • Support Classes for all Pre-Health and Introductory Science Courses: Support classes in biology, physics, organic chemistry, and chemistry are provided to strengthen science skills.