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Design and Production

Design and Production Track

The Design and Production track offers dynamic concentrations in Set Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Projection Design, Sound Design, and Stage Management. Beyond a primary focus, we are excited to explore all areas of theatre design in order to become accomplished collaborators and storytellers. The first two years of the program provide the foundation: Collaboration, Conceptual Foundations of Design, Drawing and Design Fundamentals, Stage and Production Management, History of Theatre Design, Theatre Design, Page to Stage and Text Analysis. Focused upper-level courses offer detailed examinations of the tools, techniques, and processes specific to the design and management fields; see Track Requirements for details.

Experiential learning is at the core of our training. Design and Production students have numerous opportunities to work with both student and professional collaborators. Whether in our student-produced studio shows or our professionally directed and designed mainstage productions, we hone the collaborative practice that will become the framework for our creative process.

Every Spring, students in the Design and Production track showcase their efforts in the annual Design and Production Showcase. Seniors have the opportunity to present their work and respond to feedback from professional directors, designers, and managers.

Our faculty is comprised of working professionals who bring a wide range of experience and a depth of vision into the classroom. The vibrant New York theatre scene, from the boroughs to Broadway, offers inspiration and opportunity at every turn. We graduate designers and managers who work, who engage the demands of a diverse and ever-changing community.

Learning Goals

The Design and Production track encourages its students to understand not only the component elements of a theatrical production but to critically examine and thoroughly inhabit the processes through which those elements are brought to the stage. Successful graduates of the Design and Production track of the Theatre Program:

  • Understand and participate in the collaboration that takes place between members of the creative team responsible for a theatrical production;

  • Engage in a rigorous process through which all of the elements of a successful production are fused into an engaging theatrical experience;

  • Critically examine, through the lenses of the contemporary theatrical community and its historical antecedents, the creative impulses that shape a theatrical experience as well as their execution;

  • Present and discuss their work clearly, critically and creatively with current and potential collaborators.

Track Requirements

(14 Courses, 52 Credits)

Foundation courses required of all theatre tracks:
THEA 2080: Collaboration I
THEA 2090: Collaboration II
THEA 2011: Text Analysis
THEA 2000: Theatre History I: Mythos
THEA 2100: Theatre History II: Modern
THEA 2200: Theatre History III: Postmodern – Now

Design and Production track required
THEA 1160: Design Fundamentals
THEA 2035: Drawing and Drafting for the Theatre
THEA 2260: Theatre Design: Conceptual Foundations
THEA 2045: Introduction to Directing (for designers) 
THEA 3205: Page to Stage (for stage managers)
THEA 4511: Design Production Workshop (for designers)
THEA 3920: Design History (History and Theater Design)

Design and Production track required upper level courses (any 3):
Set Design, Set Design II, Costume Design, Costume Design II, Lighting Design, Lighting Design II, Sound Design, Projection Design, Stage Management, Stage Management II, Theatre Management, and Stage Management Workshop (most of the design classes have a laboratory attached to it that would enhance skills and design techniques associated with the corresponding desin discipline)

Interdisciplinary elective courses:
VART1055: Figure Drawing I
VART1124: Photography I
VART1135: Visual Thinking I
VART1265: Film Video I
VART2185: Photography II
VART1180: Painting I
ARHI1100: Art History Intro
MUSC1100: Intro to Music

In addition to these course requirements, every First Year, Sophomore, and Junior is expected to complete 52 Lab hours (a form of theatre community service) each semester. For more information about the Lab Hour policy, and other Theatre Program processes, please visit our Policies and Practices Page. 

For information about Fordham University's Core Curriculum requirements for students located at the Lincoln Center Campus, please go to this page.

Sample Program

First Year

Fall Spring
ENGL 1102 Composition II 3 ENGL/CLAS 2000 Texts & Contexts (EP2) 3
THEO 1000 Faith/Critical Reason 3 PHIL 1000 Philosophy of Human Nature 3
Foreign Language 1 5 Foreign Language 2 3
THEA 1160: Design Fundamentals 3 THEA 2035: Drawing and Drafting for the Theatre 3
THEA 2080 Collaboration I 4 THEA 2090 Collaboration II 4
Total Credits 18 Total Credits 16

Sophomore Year

Fall Spring
HIST 1000 Understanding Historical Change 3 MT/CS 3
PHIL 3000 Philosophical Ethics 3 THEO: Sacred Texts & Traditions 3
Foreign Language 3 3 Foreign Language 4 3
THEA 2011 Text Analysis 4 Advanced Design Elective 3
THEA 3920: Design History (History and Theater Design) 4 THEA 3205 Page to Stage 4
Total Credits 17 Total Credits 16

Junior Year

Fall Spring
Advan Disc: History or Social Science 4 Elective or EP3 Course  
Physical Science 3 Social Science 3
Life Science 3 Advanced Design Elective 3
THEA 4511 Design Prod. Workshop I 3 THEA 4505 Design Production Workshop 3
THEA 2000 Theatre History I 4 THEA 2002 Theatre History II 4
Total Credits 17 Total Credits 16

Senior Year

Fall Spring
Interdisciplinary Seminar 4 Advanced Disc: History or Social Science 4
THEA 2200 Theatre History III 4 Advanced Design Elective 3
Advanced Design Elective 3 Senior Values Seminar (EP4) 4
Elective 4 Design Showcase 2
Total Credits 15 Total Credits 13

Total Program Credits: 130
Theatre majors satisfy Advanced Literature by completing 3 semesters of Theatre History. Each semester, one section of Theatre History has an EP3 designation.

NOTE: Pluralism and Globalism attributes can be fulfilled through core, major, or elective courses.
Foreign Language: Students must complete the exit level in their chosen language.


Many students pursue internships during their time at Fordham. Some have interned at The Atlantic Theatre Company, Signature Theatre, The Vineyard, EST, Disney, Joey Parnes Productions, Alchemation, The Game Place, Laurie Berkner, Jujamcyn Theatres and The Public Theatre; others have interned for and assisted top designers in New York Theatre. They have landed internships on Motown The Musical, Porgy and Bess, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and If/Then on Broadway. Our students had the amazing opportunity to sit in and blog during tech of Clybourne Park, at the Walter Kerr Theatre.

Study Abroad

Students in Design and Production have many opportunities to study abroad. Those who choose a full semester of study have pursued programs in London, South Africa, Argentina, Prague, Dublin, Grenada, and Florence. For students interested in a shorter program, there are other options available: a two-week design intensive at the Moscow Art Theatre during winter break or the Devised Theatre Intensive with Bard College in Berlin.

Visiting Artists

At Fordham, our location allows us to bring some of the top designers in New York into our classrooms and productions. Notable designers and stage managers who have worked with us:

Mark Wendland
Marsha Ginsburg
Donyale Werle
Christine Jones
Joey Mendoza

Oana Botez
Gregg Barnes
Olivera Gajic
Ari Fulton
Dede Ayite

Jen Schriever
Matt Richards
Peter West
Yi Zhao
Scott Bolman
Sarah Sidman

Daniel Baker
Muttt L. Dogg
David Van Teighem
Fabian Obispo
Sam Kusnetz

Lucy McKinnon
Aaron Rhyne
Caite Hevner
Dan Scully

Justin Scribner
Charles M. Turner III
Ana Garcia
Lisa Iacucci
‘Spook’ Testani
David Sugarman
Liza Vest
Robyn Henry


Our alumni have earned a reputation in NYC and beyond for being amazing collaborative artists. Here are some of our alums.

BA ’15

Zoe Allen – Costume Designer, Costume assistant to Paloma Young who is a Tony Award winning costume designer. NYC

Jessica Troy - Alchemation Producing Group. (Book of Mormon, Motown The Musical and In the Heights.)

Hillary Manning – The Game Place, NYC

Alex Denevers – Freelance lighting designer and electrician, NYC

BA ‘14

Dan Geggatt – Freelance set designer and assistant, NYC

Sara Donovan – Intern at Julliard, Hair and Makeup focus, NYC

BA ‘13

Emily Tabuchuk – Resident Stage Manager at Child’s Play a children’s theatre program in Brooklyn, NY.

Rebecca Zoltowski - Stage Manager for Duck Commander Musical, Crown Theatre Las Vegas, NV. Assistant Stage Manager, Michael Jackson, One. Cirque de Soliel, Las Vegas, NV.

Ellen Goldberg – Production Assistant for Dames at Sea (Helen Hayes Theatre), Production Assistant for Gigi (Neil Simon Theatre) NYC. Assistant Stage Manager for A Month in the Country (Classic Stage Company), NYC.

Jen Delac – Production Stage Manager for Livin’ La Vida Imelda and Soldier X for Theatre Mayi, NYC. Assistant Stage Manager for The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra, Go! at La Mama, NYC, Children’s Theatre Minneapolis, and ArtsEmerson, Boston.

Shane Moan – Junior Project Manager and Lighting Designer at Orsman Design, Inc. Southampton, NY

Aidan Zev Meyer– Sound Designer for Anon and UnEquilibruim (Subterra Festival), Here DOT, NYC

Nora McNally – Assistant Production Manager at the Atlantic Theatre Company, NYC

Meg Lang – Assistant Special Effects Design on The Last Ship at the Neil Simon Theatre, NYC. Freelance lighting designer and electrician around New York City.

Emma Bonoli – Senior Program Administrator, Center for International Partnerships, Institute of International Education, NYC


Emily Auciello – Co-sound Designer for Final Analysis at Signature Theatre, NYC. Sound intern for Heidi Chronicles, The Music Box, NYC. Assistant Sound Designer for When We were Young and Afraid, New York City Center Stage 1. NYC.

Isabelle Simone - Costume Assistant on Motown the Musical, Bullets over Broadway, On the 20th Century, On Your Feet and Shuffle Along. NYC.


Gifford Williams – MFA candidate, Boston University, Lighting design. Expected graduation, 2018

Lindsay Alexander – Drama Division Assistant – Julliard School

BA ‘10

Chris Barlow – Sound Designer – Hand to God (EST), Trevor (Lesser America)

Nina Bova – MFA candidate, Carnegie Mellon University in Costume Design. Expected graduation, 2016.

Tara DeVincenzo – Sales/Design Assistant for Fifth & Park Clothing.

BA ‘09

Erich Bussing – Building Operations Manager – Jujamcyn Theatres, NYC

Leyla Pearl – Costume Crafts Artisan – Cirque Dreams Productions, Florida

Katie Schneller – Two Tomatoes Records, NYC. Tour Manager for The Laurie Berker Band, Nationwide. Owner, Painted Fabrix, NYC.

Kate Melvin – Freelance Graphic Designer, NYC.

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