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Loan Repayment

The loan repayment process can be very confusing. Through this section of our website, we hope to ease the burden somewhat by providing the information you will need to enable you to make educated decisions with respect to your approach to repaying the loans you borrowed while at Fordham Law School. The topics covered appear on the left and by navigating through each topic, many of your questions concerning your loans will be answered.

In addition, the Financial Aid Office conducts loan repayment sessions each year for our graduating classes, usually in late March through mid-April. Since scheduling conflicts may prevent you from attending the spring sessions, we plan to conduct one or more evening loan repayment sessions in the fall. These counseling sessions are designed to assist you in managing your student loans after you graduate. While these sessions are not mandatory, all Federal loan borrowers are advised to attend at least one session. Among the items discussed are the terms of your education loans, your loan repayment options under each of these loans, loan forgiveness/loan repayment assistance programs, deferment/forbearance details, debt management strategies, consolidation, consequences of defaulting on your loans, and the rehabilitation process, in the event of default.

Graduation Requirements

Federal loan borrowers are required to complete an on-line exit counseling session prior to graduation. These on-line sessions provide borrowers with their rights and responsibilities as a Federal loan recipient and will be very helpful to you as you approach loan repayment. Log on to The exit session will take about 30 minutes to complete. Failure to complete the required exit interview prior to graduation will result in a hold being placed on your records which will remain in effect until you complete the on-line exit interview.