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Blackboard for Students

10 Things to Know about Blackboard

  1. Access Fordham Blackboard through Select 'Log in to the Portal' at the top, and authenticate with your Fordham credentials. Go to My Apps, scroll down to Global Apps and select Blackboard. Or, go directly to Fordham's Blackboard portal

  2. Courses may appear on Blackboard at least one week before the start of the new semester.

  3. Registered students are automatically added to Blackboard courses. You cannot enroll/unenroll yourself from a Blackboard course.

  4. You can view your course on Blackboard when your instructor has made it available. If you cannot see your course listed, please contact your instructor to find out if Blackboard will be used for the course, and if so, when it will be available.

  5. You can modify which courses are listed in your My Courses module.
    • On the My Courses module heading, click on the gear icon.  
    • In the first column of listed courses, uncheck the boxes of courses you do not want displayed.
    • Click Submit to save the changes.
  6. For best results when using Blackboard, make sure you are using the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

  7. Use the correct plugins. On the top right of the Blackboard welcome page, click the Test Your Browser button for a list of plugins you need to install to use Blackboard.
    • Any plugin with a red X needs to be downloaded to your computer to view or listen to media on Blackboard.
    • Click on Common Third Party File Types. If you cannot open any of these documents, you will need to install a document reader, such as Microsoft Office or Apache's OpenOffice.
  8. Have a specific question about Blackboard? Contact us at Provide your username, the full course ID and course section number.

  9. Need technical support? Contact IT Service Desk.
  10. When emailing, please provide your username & the Full Course ID & Section of your class.