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Rose Hill: Duane Library, Suite 151
Lincoln Center: Leon Lowenstein Building, 924


Department of Theology
Fordham University
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx, New York 10458

Phone: 718-817-3240
Fax: 718-817-5787


Questions and Inquiries

Specific questions may be directed to our faculty leaders and department staff:

Department Chair: Patrick Hornbeck (Acting Chair, Fall 2016: Karina Martin Hogan)

Associate Chair for Graduate Studies: Michael Peppard
Handles questions from current students and program academics.

Chair, Graduate Admissions Committee: Benjamin Dunning
Handles questions about the admissions process or to arrange campus visits.

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Lincoln Center: John Seitz
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Rose Hill: Robert Davis

Executive Secretaries, Rose Hill: Joyce O’Leary, Anne-Marie Sweeney
Senior Secretary, Lincoln Center: Kerri Maguire