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Meet Some of Our Young Alumni
A dancer with scoliosis rises to become one of the breakout stars in her field

Paige Fraser is taking the dance world by storm.

A cinematographer tells stories with a social conscience

Quateman loves to connect audiences with realities far different from their own by shooting documentaries.

A TV producer covers Brexit, OPEC, the French elections, and Vladimir Putin

As Bloomberg TV executive producer for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Annmarie Hordern oversees a team of about a dozen producers from Dubai to London, where she’s based.

An Iraq War veteran helps prepare fellow military vets for civilian leadership

Soon after graduating from Fordham with a degree in Latin American studies and sociology, Iraq War veteran Jayson Browder traveled to Turkey as a Fulbright Scholar.

An entrepreneur empowers young women and girls through hip-hop

A native of Ohio, Kathleen Adams was excited to attend college in the Bronx, the birthplace of hip-hop, having grown up on the music of female hip-hop artists like Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill.


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