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There are some significant differences about Fordham off-campus housing. Please review the information below prior to applying. We want to ensure that our housing is a good fit for you!

Fall 2021 application will be available starting on Monday, April 5, 2021

  • "Overnight guests are typically allowed to stay overnight for five nights within a month. Exceptions may be granted by the Graduate Hall Manager."

Please Keep in Mind:

  • We do not rent on a month to month basis, all rentals are based on the academic calendar and are done by semester.
  • Apartments cannot be sublet or assigned to someone else (you cannot let your friends use your apartment when you are out of town).
  • Overnight guests are typically allowed to stay overnight for up to a week. Exceptions may be granted by the manager.
  • Major changes to the apartments, including painting and appliance installation, are prohibited.
  • All units are smoke-free and pet-free.
  • The majority of apartments are single occupancy only (no roommates). A limited number of apartments are available for occupancy by a legally married student and his/her spouse. We do not have housing for children at this time.
  • Other rules apply, which are stipulated in the housing agreement which anyone offered an apartment will be able to review.