LC Graduate Housing: One-Bedroom Apartment

Graduate Housing One-bedroomOccupancy periods generally run for the academic year (Mid August - Mid May) with options for summer and succeeding years, relative to the individual student's enrollment status. Apartment cosmetics can vary.


Fall 2023-Spring 2024

Academic year: $33,900

Per semester: $16,950

Graduate Houing One-bedroom


The majority of these apartments are unfurnished. There are a very small number of units which come with partial furnishings, which can include a bed, tv, and tv stand, but is not guaranteed.  Priority on these units go to international students. All units include kitchens that are equipped with refrigerator, stove, and oven. There is a laundry room in the basement with a card system that takes only cash. Each floor has a recycling and trash room that is maintained by the building staff. There is an attendant at the lobby front desk 24/7, where mail is accepted for the residents. There is a phone in each apartment connected to the front desk for all guests or deliveries, which need to be given permission to enter and you must be present for in your apartment."


Units have about 480 square feet.


Approximate cost is $50/month, one-time phone setup $75, and cable TV $35/month.

One-bedroom floor plan:

Wilshire Plaza One Bedroom Floor Plan