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About Us

Mission of CLIP

Law School

The Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP) was founded to make significant contributions to the development of law and policy for the information economy and to teach the next generation of leaders.  CLIP brings together scholars, the bar, the business community, technology experts, the policy community, students, and the public to address and assess policies and solutions for cutting-edge issues that affect the evolution of the information economy.

In pursuing this mission, CLIP pursues work in five related areas:

  • Land policy relating to the regulation of information and public values
  • Law and policy for innovation and knowledge creation
  • Technology, privacy and security
  • Technology and governance
  • The protection of intellectual property and information assets

CLIP hosts and facilitates high-level public discourse and conducts research on topics in these areas.  CLIP’s work is disseminated widely and used to help influence the guiding principles of the new knowledge-driven society and to help find solutions to difficult legal issues posed by information technologies.