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Youth Development in Diverse Contexts

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Fordham's lab of Youth Development in Diverse Contexts (YDDC) examines the influence of various daily life experiences on developmental outcomes for youth and adolescents. We aim to understand the role of identity development, stress, and diverse contextual factors in determining psychosocial and academic trajectories for minority youth. YDDC research takes an ecosystemic approach, examining not only the role of racial experiences, but of many other factors on wellbeing, allowing for the development of a more holistic picture of youth functioning.

If you a ninth grade student interested in participating in our current sleep study, please view our participant page. Click here to access the online consent form. For information about the lab's research projects, equipment, publications, members, or to view some of the feedback from our student participants, please browse the website.
Feel free to contact us with any questions via phone (718) 817-5828 or email (

YDDC - 2016 Division 45 Conference

(l. to r.) Bridgette, Jennefer, Sandra, Yijie and Sheena presenting at the 2016 Division 45 conference at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA