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Course Enrollment

1.2 Required Reporting

The Faculty tab of provides accurate, real-time class information on students enrolled in your course see (section 7.4 for more details).

Required Reporting: There are four reports that are required for all instructional staff. These reports must be filled out via your account. Academic Records will contact you via your Fordham email with instructions when these reports are coming up. The reports and tentative due dates are noted below.

  • Initial Student Attendance (identified as Last Date of Attendance on the week following the end of add/drop (check the Academic Calendar for due date of Round 1, Last Date of Attendance);
  • Midterm Assessments (entered using SSC Navigate Progress Reporting): the week following midterm week (check the Academic Calendar for due date of mid-semester evaluations);
  • Late Semester Student Attendance (identified as Last Date of Attendance on the eighth or ninth week of classes (check the Academic Calendar for due date of Round 2, Last Date of Attendance);
  • Final Course Grades (identified as Final Grades on begins the week of final exams (check the Academic Calendar for these events). In the spring semester, grades for seniors must be submitted within 48 hours of the final exam date.

Please note that we no longer use Midterm Grades; in Midterm Assessment, all students receive notice as to whether they are at risk in the class, and those who are at risk receive an alert indicating the nature of their deficiencies. Please notify the appropriate dean if there are any student(s) attending your course whose name is not on the attendance report. The student will not receive credit for the course unless their name is on the official course list.

In the event the student stops attending your course at any time during the semester, you must notify via email the Office of Academic Records ([email protected]) as well as the student's class dean or, at PCS, the respective assistant or associate dean. The email should contain the student's name, FIDN, the course subject/number/section, the CRN, and the student's last date of attendance.

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