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Classes and Exams

2.6 Reading Days

Reading days are listed in the academic calendars for FCRH, FCLC, and GSB (day). They are usually the two days following the last day of classes. Mandatory classes are not allowed during this time, but optional review sessions may be scheduled. However, the first reading day may be used to make up classes missed due to campus-wide cancellations such as snow days. Please note, though, that GSB may hold common exams at this time, and therefore their students may not be available.

The purpose of these days is to give students the opportunity for independent and more concentrated study prior to the examination period. The reading days, like the final examination days, are part of a state-mandated 15-week semester. It is understood that the readings done during this period are part of the student's regular coursework, and under no circumstances are additional assignments to be given for these days. It is expected that faculty involved in teaching will increase their presence on the campus during this period and be more accessible to their students by offering additional office hours. Please note that some classes may follow a different schedule and may hold class on reading days to satisfy the state-mandated 15-week semester.