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Classes and Exams

2.7 Final Examinations

It is expected that final examinations will be administered in each course, except in special cases where a final project is pedagogically appropriate. The days, times, and rooms for final examinations are scheduled by the Office of Academic Records. The standard length of a final exam is two hours. The current version of the final exam schedule will be posted by Academic Records during the semester.

Note that for evening courses in any college/school, final examinations are scheduled for the same day, time, and room as the course itself.

A final examination may not be rescheduled without the written permission of an associate dean. Examination booklets will be distributed by the departments.

All instructors are expected to retain copies of their students' final examinations for at least one calendar year in case students request a consultation about them.

Accrediting organizations require that a copy of the final exam given for each course be kept on file. Each examination should be labeled with the course number and title, semester date, and the instructor's name. The dean's office of each school will notify their faculty about the procedure for submission of these materials to their office.

Faculty are not allowed to move their final exams to the last days of class or to the reading period. Take-home exams must be distributed in a timely fashion during the last week of classes and be due no earlier than the regularly scheduled examination date. Faculty are required to meet with their students during the time scheduled for the final examination, whether the final is actually given during that time or is a take-home exam.

If a student has a conflict of examinations, he or she should notify and arrange with the instructor to take one exam at another time within two weeks of the final exam date. For example, it is recommended that students have a maximum of two exams per day (excluding evening courses). If a student anticipates the need to miss a final exam, this should be worked out in advance with the instructor and in consultation with the appropriate class dean/associate dean.