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3.3 Change of Grade

When changing the temporary grades of ABS, INC, and NGR, the instructor should submit a change of grade form to the appropriate dean prior to the deadline identified in the academic calendar. These forms are available in department offices and in the deans' offices. Any grade of ABS or INC that is not changed by the professor by the deadline will be automatically changed to an F by the Office of Academic Records.

For changes in letter grades indicating academic performance (A through F), there is a short time frame during which instructors can contact the Office of Academic Records to correct any errors. Afterward, the instructor should submit the change of grade form to the associate dean of the student's home college/school. Once a letter grade indicating the level of academic performance has been submitted to the Office of Academic Records, however, there will have to be an extraordinary reason to change it. This generally consists of a clerical error (reporting or calculating) on the part of the instructor. Students desiring a change of grade should follow the procedure for appealing a course grade, detailed in section 5.