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9.3 Academic Computing Environment

Fordham University’s Academic Computing Environment (ACE) is a digital space for faculty to conduct research and experimentation with innovative technology projects. As part of our Building Learning Spaces grant funded by the New York State Economic Development Agency and by working with the Faculty Senate Technology Committee, we have designed and built an infrastructure where virtual server builds are available to faculty who will be able to administer their projects themselves, with Fordham IT support available in the background. Links to all the ACE initiatives may be found at

Research Computing Cluster (RCC)

The RCC is intended to serve the research computing needs of all full-time Fordham faculty, making available a powerful set of multi-core computers running the Linux operating system to which you have secure access 24-7 from any internet connection. The RCC is administered by faculty. These fellow researchers understand the critical importance of having prompt one-to-one help in troubleshooting hardware and software issues, so you can concentrate on implementing your research ideas.

To obtain an account, simply email the RCC Administrator at Provide your office location and preferred phone number, and indicate the days and times when you are available to meet to set up your account.

A Sandbox Environment

ACE purposefully lends itself to experimentation and research on projects before bringing them to teaching or funding environments. Think of this as a sandbox, a private space where you work on and test a project before making it public.

Furthering Grant-Based Research

Faculty members can now include ACE resources as part of projects that support university initiatives, such as Faculty Innovators grants, Growing Research at Fordham grants, etc., where computing resources such as ACE are necessary evidence for the academic viability and institutional commitment in successful grant applications.


ACE can also be a collaborative space where you can work on a project with your colleagues at Fordham and beyond.

Types of Projects

Projects will be quite varied, from hard-core data crunching and large-scale survey analysis to digital humanities projects, meta-text ventures, and media presentations. Projects for ACE will come from faculty exclusively and will be faculty driven.