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University Policies

10.8 What To Do In An Emergency: The Emergency Management Plan

The Emergency Management Plan Information on Fordham’s Emergency Management Plan can be found on the University’s website at

As described in this document, in some circumstances it may be necessary to request faculty or staff to assume temporary roles outside their normal scope of their duties, taking into consideration their ability to carry out these temporary roles. Academic deans and department chairs are responsible for ensuring that faculty teaching classes during an emergency remain with their students, follow instructions, and account for all students in their respective classes.

In the event of a fire alarm sounding while class is occurring, either during a fire drill or because of a smoke or fire condition, faculty teaching at Rose Hill and Westchester are requested to immediately have their students exit the building via the nearest staircase and assemble at a safe area at least 100 feet from the building entrance. Faculty teaching at Lincoln Center should direct students to stand by the nearest staircases and await directions from floor fire wardens, public safety personnel or a broadcast over the public address systems. Elevators should not be
used unless directed by Public Safety in the Law School. Classroom doors should be closed after the last person has exited the room. Fire wardens have been designated for each campus building and will assist in the evacuation. Campus public safety personnel will also be present to determine the cause of the alarm and assist in evacuations.