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Services and Programs

Test Proctoring Services

  • ODS handles proctoring of tests for registered students who either choose to take their test in the ODS office or have a faculty member whose schedule does not allow for the student to take it in the classroom.
  • ODS can proctor tests, quizzes, midterms, and finals. Students sign-up online to take their exams with our office (after you fill out the AIM Alternative Testing Contract through the link we email you in the accommodation letter).
  • ODS spends large chunks of time arranging students' tests in the ODS office, communicating with professors about tests, and proctoring the exams. In 2015-2014, ODS proctored 2,400 exams for students at the LC and RH campuses combined.
  • Some reasons students may choose to take their exam with ODS include: requires a scribe for writing due to a physical disability, needs a distraction reduced setting, needs to type answers on essay tests for assistance with spell check due to a learning disability, etc.
  • If you are able to proctor the exam yourself and the student agrees to this arrangement, that is completely acceptable. Please note that you would need to ensure that you can stay for the student's full test time. For instance, if he/she receives 2x and your test is 75 minutes, you would need to arrange to stay with him/her for 2.5 hours. The student may not need it, but the full time needs to be available to him/her.
  • If you teach a laboratory course that requires the student to take the exam in the lab, due to special equipment necessary, please discuss this with the student to provide accommodations directly to them. If you are unsure how to handle these types of requests, please call our office, and we can work with you to find a solution.

Procedures for Test Proctoring at ODS

Important Information Regarding ODS Policies and Procedures for Test Proctoring:

  1. ODS staff does not allow students to bring anything into the testing room with them except for a pen or pencil and materials permitted by you on the alternative testing contract.
  2. ODS staff ensures that students leave their cell phones on the ODS front desk while testing, and are not allowed to use their cell phones until the exam is turned in.
  3. ODS staff monitors the testing room frequently during each exam.
  4. ODS staff request that if you allow students to use formula sheets on an exam, but do not allow any other student provided notes, please include the approved formula sheets with the exam you send to ODS to avoid any confusion about what is permitted.
  5. If students have questions during the exam, ODS staff will make several different attempts to reach you for guidance. If we are unable to reach you, we will write a note on the exam and ask that you take that information into consideration when grading to discuss the student's question with him/her directly.
  6. Testing computers used by students do not have Internet access unless directly arranged by faculty, so if you are giving an exam that is loaded onto Blackboard, please let us know ahead of time, so we can make arrangements to accommodate this type of exam.
  7. We do not allow students to leave the office with a copy of their exam for their own viewing. We defer to you to provide the students with the exam questions/answers if you like. If you do allow our student to have a copy of the exam, please indicate this in the Alternative Testing Contract.

Note-Taking Services

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) sets up student note-taking services for students with disabilities who qualify for copies of notes. We will send an email asking you to make an announcement in your class for a volunteer note taker. Then, you will send us his/her name and we will do the rest.

If students accept our invitation to be a note-taker, we will set them up with access to submit their notes electronically online through AIM within 24 hours of each class session. Our process protects the confidentiality of the student receiving the notes. Students will be able to scan their handwritten notes to upload or if they already type their notes, they can upload those documents. This process takes the student about 10-15 minutes per week.

Alternatively, if you have lecture notes that you are able to share with our student, please let us know, and then we will not need to hire a note-taker, as no student's notes will be better than yours!

Please note that the student note-taker should never be informed of the student's identity that is receiving the copies of notes to protect the student's confidentiality. Please let us know if you have any concerns about the identified note-taker.

Auxiliary Services

Our office is also involved in the following capacities to help students with disabilities.

  • Assist Students with finding their textbooks in alternative formats through conducting comprehensive searches of available alternative format sources (i.e. Learning Ally, Coursemart, Bookshare, etc.) and contact the publisher when textbooks are unavailable as an audio book or e-text.
  • Convert documents/articles into alternative formats when there are no available resources from the publisher to send to students.
  • Provide assistance technology training to students to help them learn how to use text to speech readers such as our Read Out Loud or our Snap and Read software.
  • Caption and Transcribe audio materials for students with hearing loss or deafness. We will contact you with more specific information if this pertains to a student in your course with the accommodation letter we email you.
  • Provide wheelchair accessible desks in classrooms and a wheelchair ramp for graduation to students upon request with mobility disabilities.
  • Order and maintain equipment for those with auditory or visual disabilities, and provide training to students to use the equipment.
  • Provide a referral list to outside agencies and providers for learning disability testing or students who are not sure if they would qualify for services. Our office does not provide any testing to students directly.

ODS Programming

ODS offers the following programs for students registered with our office:

  1. Academic Coaching: One-on-one sessions discussing time management, study skills, and organization.
  2. Transition Year Program (TYP): This program is ideal for freshman who use accommodations, but specifically for those who need guidance on how to manage their workload, self-advocate, utilize resources on campus, and improve their study skills as they make the transition to using accommodations in college. Students will meet weekly with an academic coach in our office to work on these skills, be paired with a peer mentor to answer questions they have to learn from the student perspective, and be invited to group workshops/outings throughout the year on topics such as procrastination, goal setting, registration, and social events!
  3. Collaboration with Other Departments: ODS co-hosts events/workshops on campus with other departments to increase awareness. Examples include the ODS Awareness Week, OMA Sustained Dialogues, and helping with OSAPSS Screening Days. We refer students to the Student Health Center or Counseling and Psychological Services when necessary.
  4. Advocacy for Students: ODS Staff communicate with faculty and administrators to assist students in utilizing their accommodations, and encourages students to learn strategies for self-advocacy to allow students to get their needs met on campus.