Semester Timeline for Students

Start of classes through first week of school: Log into AIM to request your accommodations 

Weeks 1-2: Follow up with your professors to ensure they have received the accommodation letter, and understand the accommodations.

Weeks 3-4: If you receive testing accommodations, make sure your professors have filed out the testing contract for each class. 

Weeks 5-8: Make sure to request testing for midterms if you wish to use your accommodations for them.

Weeks 12-15: Make sure to request testing for finals if you wish to use your accommodations for them.

Throughout the Term: Please put in any testing requests you wish to take using your accommodations. Reach out to ODS if you have any questions or concerns. Please review all policies and procedures listed below.

ODS Policies and Procedure

  • I am responsible for requesting my accommodations through AIM (online system) each
    semester during the first 2 weeks of class. It does not occur automatically.
  • I understand ODS will approve requests for accommodations within 24 hours, unless the
    request is placed over the weekend or on a day that the University is closed. Please note
    at the beginning of each semester your letters will be sent out the week prior to class
  • Although ODS is providing my accommodations letters electronically, I am responsible
    for bringing my professors the letter in a timely manner, and discuss my accommodations to
    make sure all parties are clear on what is needed. If I do not do this, I will not receive the
  • If a faculty member does not use a Fordham email address, I will inform ODS
    immediately so it can be changed in AIM.
  • Faculty members cannot retroactively provide accommodations for students.
  • I am responsible for informing ODS of any issues with accommodations or faculty.
  • I am responsible for informing ODS and setting up a meeting if I would like to adjust my
  • If I am unclear about any processes or procedures, I will contact ODS immediately.
  • I am in complete understanding of the policies and procedures necessary to obtain accommodations from Fordham University’s Office of Disability Services.

ODS Testing Policies & Procedures

  • I understand I must sign up for exams I want to take in ODS at least 3 business days
    ahead of time. Final exams must be submitted 5 business days ahead of time. (Business
    days do not include weekends or when the University is officially closed.)
  • If taking a night class, I will speak to ODS directly and sign up for testing at least 7 days
  • To sign up for an exam, I understand the Professor must first fill out the testing contract.
    This can only be done after I put in my accommodation requests, and ODS approves
  • If my Professor has not filled out the testing contract, I must remind him/her in a timely
    fashion. If still not done, I will contact ODS to intervene at least one week ahead of time.
  • I am the only person who can sign up to take the exam. Even if I tell the Professor I plan
    on taking it in ODS, and s/he sends it to ODS, I am not guaranteed a spot unless I have
    signed up through AIM.
  • I will always take my exam at the same date/time as the rest of the class. Exceptions need
    ODS and professor approval and must be sent, in writing to [email protected] *
  • If I am unwell and cannot take the exam, I will contact both my Professor and ODS. ODS
    requires an excused absence through the advisor/Deans office.
  • If change of exam date/time is not approved by ODS, but is approved by the professor,
    you and the professor need to make testing arrangements.
  • I understand that late arrival for exams will result in an automatic time reduction
    corresponding to the number of minutes I am late. If I do arrive late, I will adhere to the
    already scheduled exam end time.
  • I understand ODS is a confidential office, and I cannot arrive more than 10 minutes prior
    the start of my exam.
  • I understand I will be monitored by a proctor and video surveillance.
  • Breaks to use the restroom will not be permitted until 2 hours into your exam time.
  • I will hand over any and all electronic devices to the proctor and turn them completely
    off, along with any watches or bulky pieces of jewelry.
  • I will leave my bag, hat, jacket, or any extra clothing outside of the testing room, and I
    will not wear anything that is extremely baggy or with many pockets.
  • I will bring my own pens and pencils.
  • The exam needs to take place on the same campus the class is on.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in the testing room, besides a clear water bottle with no
    labels or writing. Any exceptions will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • I will keep all test materials on top of the desk/table.
  • If I am allowed to use materials, ODS will make sure they are verified in the testing
    contract, or separately by the Professor prior to the start of the exam.
  • I will Always inform the proctor if I need to leave the testing area.
  • If I do not follow the policies and procedures there is no guarantee my exam will be
  • Any exceptions will be determined on a case by case basis.

If I am unclear about testing policies during the semester, I will contact ODS