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Fordham - Ghana Summer Law Program

Deadline: Apply by Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

The Fordham-Ghana Summer Law Program is held in Accra, Ghana. Building on our long and successful history of partnership with Ghanaian legal institutions, this exciting program offers students the opportunity to study international and comparative law, while witnessing the path of democracy and development first hand in this regional center of international business and enterprise.

The Program is accredited by the American Bar Association and admits up to 30 students to earn up to six credits:

  • Three credits over two weeks of classroom instruction; plus an additional three credits through our optional internship program. All participating students enroll in one of three 3-credit courses on offer, taught by distinguished members of the Fordham Law Faculty and other leading scholars.
  • Participating students can also apply to be placed in 5-week internships with Ghanaian courts, as well as local law firms, non-profits, and government agencies, which begin immediately after the academic session.
  • Internships may be taken for an additional 3 credits, for a maximum total of 6 credits earned over the summer.

While designed for American law students, the Program is also open to students and professionals from around the world, affording participants the unique opportunity to live and study with Ghanaian and other international students and practitioners in an exciting new environment. The Program also features field trips to Ghanaian law institutions, both formal and informal social events, and optional visits to historic and cultural attractions, to enable students to experience Ghanaian society and cultural life.