Fordham-Ghana Program Courses

Students may enroll in the following three-credit courses.

International Human Rights Law

International Human Rights Law will provide an introduction to the theory and practice of international human rights law, as well as a critical perspective on the role it has played in recent decades in discourse on international law. Topics include the debate over the definition of human rights (and whether rights are universal or culturally relative), the basic legal mechanisms for enforcing human rights, and the practical political realities of promoting human rights. The course will also develop critical perspectives on the relationship between human rights ideology and enlightenment values and on whether human rights is a function of international media or international law.

Comparative Entrepreneurial Law

Comparative Entrepreneurial Law will provide a critical perspective on the role the law plays in affecting entrepreneurship across the globe. We will explore the legal challenges of forming, protecting, and funding a startup; the impact of various laws on supporting or hindering innovation; and the extent to which jurisdictional variations in such laws affect the growth of entrepreneurship in those jurisdictions. This course will examine these questions by comparing the laws of the United States and Ghana—two countries with vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems.