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Small to Midsize Firms

Fordham Law School Programs for Small to Midsize Law Firm Employeers

We hear it time and again from hiring attorneys who keep coming back to Fordham: Fordham graduates are different.

They not only have outstanding legal and technical talent but they are also consistently more committed, more dedicated—and more willing to stay and grow within an organization. Our graduates have been called true citizens of industry. Industrious. Innovative. Ready, willing, and able to contribute in any way they can—to the betterment of their firm, their colleagues, their community, and ultimately, their world.

Our J.D. students are strongly interested in working for small to midsize law firms.

Indeed, most have already worked for a small firm. Fordham runs its nationally-recognized clinics through its own small law firm, Lincoln Square Legal Services, Inc. Each year close to 500 J.D. students participate in LSLS and simulation courses. Students learn discovery, motion practice, drafting, interviewing, counseling, negotiation, as well as CMS, time/billing software, and filing.

While at Fordham Law School our students learn how to practice law by doing and are ready to hit the ground running.

Many of our J.D. students enter Fordham Law with two or more years of work experience.

Once at Fordham Law our 1Ls complete a bootcamp—Quantitative Methods—to give them a sure footing in financial literacy. Upper-level J.D.s develop their legal writing through completion of a supervised analytic writing requirement.

Fordham’s concentrations allow J.D. students to focus their curriculum in a particular area of law.

Our students can hone their trial advocacy skills through the Brendan Moore Trial Advocacy Center, one of the nation's premier programs for training law students to become trial lawyers.

From day one of orientation, our J.D. students become members of the Fordham Law Alumni Association, which enables them to attend annual events and gain access to affinity groups.

Our graduates become leaders at small to midsize firms.

Traditional Recruiting Avenues

Hire Directly
Post a Job on Fordham’s proprietary Online Job Bank.

Interview on Campus
Learn more about Fordham Law’s Fall and Spring On-Campus Recruiting Programs.

Novel Recruiting Avenues

Fordham Law School Apprenticeship Program for Small to Midsize Law Firms

Resident Attorney Year Program

Fordham Law Clerk Law Clerk Program for Small to Midsize Law Firms

Law Clerk Program