Veterans Admissions FAQ

How do I receive entry into the Yellow Ribbon Program?
Entry into the Yellow Ribbon program is automatic if the service member has received 100% of post-9/11 benefits. Fordham is a 100% participant in the program, effectively meaning no cost of tuition charged to the service member. Fordham does have a cap on how many people can be in the Y.R. program (approximately 425 students), however that number hasn’t been close to being reached. Note: the Yellow Ribbon Program excludes active-duty servicemembers.

How do I know if I have 100% of post-9/11 benefits?
The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) received from the VA states (a) what percentage the servicemember has been awarded and (b) how much time is left on their 36 months of coverage. It is generated after filling out the VONAPP online (see next question for VONAPP information.) The COE can take a few weeks to be received, so no delay must be taken when applying for it. Furthermore, the website below has great information on the percentages associated with the post-9/11 GI bill.

How do I apply for benefits?
The first step in applying for benefits is to fill out the VONAPP, an online application stating your intent to attend Fordham.

My spouse is active duty and would like to give me their post-9/11 GI Bill benefits. Can I attend Fordham?
Absolutely. However, the monthly living allowance (BAH) generally associated with the GI Bill will not be applicable in your case. The tuition and fees will be covered.

I’ve always wanted to study abroad. Could I use my benefits to study abroad through Fordham?
Yes that is possible. Please note there might be out-of-pocket fees required to be paid (i.e. airfare, application fees, etc.). The BAH would continue per usual and the tuition would be covered just like you were stateside. Please refer to the VAs FAQ worksheet.

I can’t find any information online concerning my GI Bill benefits. Can you help?
It is always best to hear information directly from the source. The VA can grant you information specific to your situation, e.g. benefits percentage. You can contact the VA directly at 888-442-4551. An online resource that may be helpful is

I’d like to pursue a master's degree in Social Work. However, I’m worried that I will not meet the “full-time” credit requirement for my benefits eligibility. Does the VA recognize fieldwork as part of a degree plan?
The full-time status for the MSW program is 12 credits. For the post 9/11 GI bill, the Certifying Official would indicate that 12 credits is full time when certifying an MSW student. If someone in this program is taking less than 12 credits but is enrolled in a Field Work class, the Certifying Official would indicate this in the VA certification under the "clock hour" designation. The VA may use this clock hour designation for field work to "bump up" your BAH to the full time rate as a result. Additionally, as with all graduate programs, a student may be registered for less than the full time credits and still be considered full time by the department. Usually, this has to do with work outside the classroom (ie. dissertation research ). Academic Records will update your file to "full time" based upon the completion of forms from your department supporting this.

I am interested in the Real Estate program offered by Fordham. Is this covered by the VA?
Currently, the Real Estate program is a non degree, zero credit program thru the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. The Post 9/11 VA program covers matriculated programs which are credit bearing. Unfortunately, it would not be covered by the Post 9/11 program.