SVAF Leadership

In addition to communicating with Fordham staff, feel free to consult with the SVAF elected student leaders listed below. Contact the SVAF leadership team at [email protected].

Student Veterans of America at Fordham (SVAF) Leadership Team


Cynthia Ramos headshot

Cynthia Ramos, President, SVAF

Cynthia is a Marine Corps veteran studying Psychology in the Fordham PCS program and planning to continue her education after graduation. Cynthia spent her time in the Marine Corps as an intelligence analyst while being stationed at Camp Pendleton, California. As SVAF President, Cynthia aims to provide an environment where all veterans and military-connected students feel welcomed. An environment student veterans can access help transferring from the military role to the student role while also being able to get network connections in whatever field of interest. Cynthia wants to help provide student veterans and military-connected students achieve their greatest potential.



Brittary Carrion-Eckert headshot

Brittany-Carrion-Eckert, VP of Finance and Graduation Relations

Brittany is a full-time MBA student studying Management and Risk & Compliance. She holds a B.A. from Fordham in Organizational Leadership. She served in the United States Air Force as a military personnel specialist in New Jersey and Texas. She is excited to help bridge the gap between graduate veterans and the SVAF. She hopes to bring the importance of mental health.



Annabel_Bradley Headshot


Annabel Bradley, VP of Communications

Annabel is a Marine Corps Veteran studying Organizational Leadership at the Fordham Professional School of Continuing Studies, Rose Hill. Annabel spent four years as an active-duty Marine, working as an aviation ordnance technician in New Jersey. Her goal as V.P. of Communications is to build the student veteran community at Fordham.



Justin McHugh Headshot

Justin McHugh, VP of Lincoln Center


Justin is a Fordham PCS student and majors in communications. Before attending Fordham University, Justin enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Marine. During his time in the Marine Corps, he deployed twice. His goal as VP of Lincoln Center is to advance the SVAF’s program and continue cultivating the current environment that fosters support and success for student veterans at Fordham University. 



Tyler Buzzard Headshot


Tyler Buzzard, VP of Rose Hill

Tyler is a Marine Corps veteran currently pursuing an Information Technology and Systems degree at Fordham University PCS. In the Marine Corps, Tyler was an aircraft mechanic quality assurance representative. After his degree, he plans on obtaining a master’s in Cybersecurity. He is excited to grow the student veterans community to ensure all student veterans get what they need.