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Human Development and Social Justice

HDSJ Lab LogoThe Human Development and Social Justice (HD&SJ) Lab is led by Dr. Celia B. Fisher, Professor in the Fordham University Applied Developmental Psychology program and Director of both the Center for Ethics Education and the NIDA funded HIV/Drug Abuse Prevention Research Ethics Institute.

In the HD&SJ lab, our research is at the intersection of developmental science and social justice. We apply developmental theory and research methods, as well as contemporary research ethics frameworks, to examine the experiences that promote equity and wellbeing among under-researched populations. Our current projects focus on issues of stigma, identity, health disparities and the role of personal and systemic experiences in daily life. We explore these experiences within underserved adolescent groups: ethnic minorities, LGBT and individuals with a history of mental health and substance-use conditions. We are committed to conducting and promoting research that enhances the responsible conduct of research by looking at issues such as informed consent, motivations and implications of research participation and facilitators and barriers to health care services.

Main research interests include:

  • Health disparities among racial/ethnic and sexual/gender minority populations
  • Understanding and preventing HIV and substance use risk
  • Ethics and social justice in research and professional practice
  • Sexual health and wellbeing among adolescents and young adults
  • Developmental trajectories for mental health and recovery
  • Development within the context of social media and other new technologies
Human Development & Social Justice Lab group picture
Human Development & Social Justice Lab group picture