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Office of Professionalism

Fordham Law School is committed to helping students develop the full range of competencies they will need to pursue their passions and flourish in the rapidly evolving legal landscape. We recognize that to truly excel, new lawyers must not only possess strong analytic skills and legal knowledge, but also be able to craft solutions, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and cultivate their personal health and well-being. The Office of Professionalism has developed a robust set of leadership, wellness, and professionalism initiatives designed to help students develop the social, emotional, and cultural competencies necessary to deliver outstanding legal representation and lead satisfying lives in the profession.

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First-year students begin to shape their professional identities and develop essential workplace skills through a robust first-year curriculum -- beginning at Orientation and continuing through January Orientation and the year-long House System programming. First-year professionalism programs focus on topics such as mental health and wellness, multi-cultural competence, growth mindset, disagreeing for understanding, financial literacy, and professional etiquette.

Upper-year students can continue to build on these lessons by partaking in the Professionalism Fellows Program, serving as Peer Mentors or BSA Advisors, and enrolling in for-credit courses such as Peer Mentoring & Leadership and Positive Lawyering. Finally, a series of school-wide wellness and community-building initiatives foster a culture of inclusion and well-being within the Law School and ensure that all members feel supported.