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Department of Transportation



Fordham Forward: University Transportation Scope of Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with Fordham Forward’s reopening guidelines, the University of Transportation will continue to adopt, promote, and practice a public health informed provision of its services. In accordance with said guidelines, all occupants in the vehicles will be required to wear face coverings at all times. To ensure the cleanliness of our vehicles, all interiors will be disinfected on a regular basis; operators will be required to disinfect in accordance with CDC guidance. Additionally, the lobby waiting area capacity will be reduced to allow for proper social distancing, and capacity in the vans will be reduced. Changes to service schedules and passenger capacity will be considered based on demonstrated needs as they emerge.

Ram van turning onto street on campus

No matter where you’re going, the Department of University Transportation can help you get there!

Our dedicated administrators and student-workers operate a fleet of vehicles that take members of the community between campuses, to New York airports and beyond.

Safety First, Courtesy a Close Second

Whether you’re traveling between campuses for class, going home via the airport before a holiday, or just looking to experience the scene in another borough, the Ram Van is the safest and most convenient way for you to get there.

Student organizations, including clubs and athletic teams, are also able to charter Ram Vans for travel to approved events.

To travel between campuses, a one-way ticket costs $3.50, but students with classes at two campuses, unpaid internships, or participating in certain clubs may be eligible to ride the van for free. Tickets can be purchased online, in our office at Rose Hill, or at ticket machines located in the lobby of the Lowenstein building at Lincoln Center.

The Ram Van is the most popular way for students to travel, so we recommend reserving your seat online up to 48 hours in advance! For information and assistance, call our office at 718-817-4346.