De-densifying Campus

Keating Hall

Since medical experts believe that the virus thrives and is most contagious in areas marked by human density, we will do all we can to de-densify the campus. Among other things, we are working to create/prepare an environment marked by the following:

  • Social distancing in classrooms, laboratories, offices, and other instructional and workspaces including smaller class section sizes
  • Lessening elevator capacities
  • Efforts to schedule classroom instruction in rooms/venues on lower floors of our classroom buildings when possible
  • Converting a number of non-classroom spaces into classrooms
  • Creating one-way corridors/hallways
  • Recommending that faculty meet with students outside of their offices in larger gathering/meeting spaces or remotely
  • Installing of protective barriers in all high-traffic areas
  • Operating heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems 24 hours a day with outside air intakes thus allowing for more filtration and dilution of the buildings indoor air
  • Designating entrance and exit doors for each building to lessen crowding at those key locations
  • Lessening Ram Van capacities (with additional runs to compensate for the loss of capacity on individual runs)

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