Living Spaces

Fordham has had the belongings move out process underway since May 17, 2020 and finishes this process on June 28, 2020 at Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses. Fordham’s Housing Operations staff have created several different occupancy scenarios to prudently reduce density within the residence halls. Fordham has researched and reviewed room configuration guidelines from other universities and states that have proceeded ahead of New York in re-opening.

In order to reduce density in the residence halls, Fordham will:

  • Eliminate converted triple spaces in all first-year halls
  • Invoke contingency plans in case demand for housing exceeds supply due to prudent reductions in overall occupancy. Several vendors are in consideration to provide additional housing should this be required.
  • Suspend all non-resident guest visitation in its residence halls at least through the Fall semester. Inter-residence hall visitation will be limited in the interest of reducing spread of the virus
  • Communicate a revised and extended move-in opening day timeline/process well in-advance of move-in. to increase social distance and other prudent safety measures for students and families, including early arrivals, student athletes, international students, transfer students, first year students, and upper-class students
  • Introduce and disseminate new  procedures for its residence halls to allow the development of residential learning communities while reducing likelihood of COVID transmission and increasing physical social distance, including new procedures move-in and the opening of the residence halls, floor meetings with resident staff and other gatherings, and programming and activities
  • Introduce and disseminate new policies related to visitation, guests, prudent social distance, size of all gatherings, mandatory reporting of health concerns, isolation/quarantine, and off-campus conduct
  • Require all students, whether they are on or off campus, to adhere to university policies.  Off-campus behavior that is not compliant with University policies will be subject to the conduct process.

To facilitate the isolation and quarantine of students who test positive, Fordham will:

  • Require that resident students who are able to travel and live within a reasonable distance isolate/quarantine at home or off-campus locations if they are exposed/ infected. Those unable to travel home will be isolated in their assignments where possible and in designated residence hall locations.
  • Set aside housing areas suited to isolation and quarantine and adjusted occupancy planning for the reduction in overall bed spaces.