All Events

To support the need for ongoing in-person events once the campus reopens, a set of guidelines will be formalized for event planners that align with HR policies established for faculty, staff and visitors, specifically around testing and tracing and social distancing protocols. They will include the following:

  • Pre-registration will be required.
  • All guests will complete and submit a health self-assessment survey online prior to arriving on campus
  • Facemasks are to be worn by all guests while on campus and a supply of masks will be made available at entry points for those who arrive without one.
  • All events and meetings will be encouraged to have a mix of synchronous and asynchronous components, when appropriate, to allow for the full participation of the Fordham community.
  • All meetings and events will have attendance limitations and seating arrangements that will meet standards for physical distancing.
  • The length of events should be constrained to minimize the risk of exposure.
  • Events will be low-touch environments, i.e. no printed tickets, programs, or handouts; tickets scanned electronically.
  • Dining options will be limited. It is recommended that the University plans for “grab and go”, pre-packaged items for any event that truly requires food services.

A centralized committee will be charged with reviewing all event proposals. The current reservation system and other existent processes will be preserved for consistency and continuity. The University will have point people at each campus for on-campus activities and an appropriate designee for Fordham related events that take place off-campus.

For off-campus events, all contracts must be reviewed and approved by University Legal Counsel for indemnity/liability and enhanced “force majeure” language (eg. federal restrictions on travel and/or gatherings and pandemics)