Dining Spaces

In preparation for restarting Fordham Dining, we are focused on promoting social distancing, implementing new levels of food safety, and revising all locations to provide safe service to customers from healthy staff members including:

  • Updating food receiving, storage, preparation and service protocols to help keep students and staff safe
  • Adding shifts and redefining work stations so staff can stay socially distant and food can be prepared as freshly as possible and in quantities necessary to serve the campus community
  • Adding staff training objectives and subject matter as related to COVID19 to be presented to all Dining staff as they return to work

Location modifications include:

  • Installing new protective barriers to help protect staff and guests.
  • Reducing seating capacity and increasing spacing to meet social-distancing guidelines
  • Installing floor markings in dining areas to help guests and staff maintain the approved furniture layout
  • Eliminating self-serve stations
  • Converting beverage stations to provide 100% individually wrapped, single-use utensils and ingredients
  • Placing “Grab n Go” meals in other locations so guests do not have to enter dining areas unnecessarily
  • Converting all point-of-sale equipment for “contactless” transactions.
  • Outfitting all employee handwash stations with touchless faucets, soap, hand sanitizing and hand drying equipment
  • Providing tented areas at many venues to expand on outdoor dining options

All dining locations have scheduled FDA approved sanitizing at least 2 weeks prior to their re-opening. Additionally, Fordham Dining has identified a process to work with Health Services and Residential Life to provide meals to those who need isolation.