Protective Personal Equipment

The University will acquire and distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which will be managed by the University’s Strategic Sourcing department.

Face Coverings

Every person on Fordham property is required to wear an acceptable face covering in all common, public areas and while interacting with anyone else on Fordham property. The requirement that each individual wear a face covering is for their own personal health and the health of those around them. Each member of the campus community will be provided with a number of reusable face coverings by the University. The University will maintain an adequate supply of face coverings, and other required PPE should an employee or student need a replacement, or should a visitor be in need. 

Hand Sanitizer, Wipes, and Other Disinfectants

Hand sanitizer stations and wipes dispensers will be deployed around campus. Soaps and other sanitizing/disinfection materials will be centrally procured by Strategic Sourcing with quantities as recommended by Facilities Management.

Departments must refrain from ordering and storing hand sanitizers in bulk. Most hand sanitizers have very high alcohol content and when stored in bulk, may present flammable material management requirements.


Gloves are being supplied to public safety, custodial services, library services, and health services. Gloves are to be worn (and properly taken off and disposed of) by public safety, custodial service, library service, and health service staff. Glove usage is not required for other faculty, staff, and students.