Providing training for the Fordham community will be an important component of keeping students, faculty, and staff safe.

All students will be required to complete an online training instructional program focused on safety, health, and wellness issues with specific content for resident students.

All administrators, faculty, and staff will be required to complete online training, with additional elements for supervisors/managers, which will include the following three categories:

Mandatory Training: Topics will include, but are not limited to, public health, how to wear PPE, washing one’s hands, return to campus orientation for all employees, supervisory and employee safety briefings, as well as Fordham’s procedures and policies for minimizing risk prior to returning to campus.

Soft Skills Training: Topics will include, but are not limited to, establishing psychological safety, how to lead during times of uncertainty, how to communicate with each other while working remotely, and mental wellness.

Technology Training: In partnership with the Fordham IT department, employees will be provided additional resources on how to work remotely (e.g., how to use Zoom).