Library Policies

Food and Drink

The Fordham University Library food and drink policy is intended to maintain a pleasant environment conducive to research while preserving our collections, equipment, and furnishings.

Covered beverages and small snacks are permitted in most areas of the libraries.

Food and drink are not permitted in the Museum, Special Collections, or at any of the library computer or microform workstations. (Covered beverages are permitted near computer workstations.)

Please be respectful of library spaces by cleaning up after yourself, reporting spills, and disposing of trash in appropriate receptacles. Unattended food and drink will be discarded.

Spaces and Resources

The physical spaces and resources in the Fordham University Libraries exist to support the library's mission, which aims to provide an appropriate environment for study, scholarship and research. Individuals using the library should restrict their activities accordingly. In order to support the preservation of the library, all spaces should be kept clean, all library resources should be handled with care, and all activities should be scholarly and academic in their intent and purpose. Individuals who choose to use library spaces or resources inappropriately will be asked to leave.