Locate a Book

Using Call Numbers

When the record for a single title is displayed in the on-line catalog, holdings information is given. The holdings information includes the Call Number. Library of Congress Call Numbers are made up of a combination of letters, whole numbers and decimal numbers.

PS Letters of the Alphabet
3525 Whole Numbers
.I96 Letters and Decimal numbers
G6 Letters and Decimal numbers


The third and fourth lines are usually made up of combinations of letters and decimal numbers. They place all of the PS3525 books alphabetically by author and title. The 96 of .I96 should be shelved reading the number digit by digit from left to right. Hence .I933 would be shelved before .I96. This call number means the following:

PS American Literature
3525 Authors in the early 20th Century whose last names begin with "M"
.I96 Margaret Mitchell, specifically
G6 Gone with the Wind


It is often worthwhile to search the shelves for a book even if it is listed as not available. The libraries have some duplicate copies not yet listed in the OPAC.