The Network Effect

You’ll find the people of Fordham University School of Law everywhere you go, from New York City to cities around the country and countries around the world. 

Our graduates hit the streets running, joining an ever-growing alliance of doers and thinkers, organizers and inspirers, justice-makers and jury-swayers, movers and shakers. We’re at the front of courtrooms and classrooms. Deep inside the ranks of law firms of every size and specialty. We’re transacting big business. Defending the underdog. Addressing cutting-edge theoretical issues. Solving real-life legal problems. Creating leaders. Making the world a better place. In short, we’re doing everything possible to connect Fordham Law graduates to the people, places, ideas, and career opportunities that matter most. 

We call it The Network Effect.

Fordham Law School ranks #4 in the number of graduates employed by the nation’s top 100 law firms in their offices in the country’s largest legal market, New York City.

  1. NYU
  2. Columbia
  3. Harvard
  4. Fordham
  5. Georgetown

Top 100 largest firms reported by The American Lawyer. Employment data reported by ALM Legal Compass, 2022.

#4 graphic over cityscape

5 graduates received prestigious public interest fellowships in 2021-2022
7th on the number of alumni promoted from associates to partners ranking by the National Law Journal
21st in “Go-To Law Schools” ranking by the National Law Journal
21,000+ alumni working in diverse careers in 80 countries around the globe