Law School Seal at night with silhouettes

Fordham Law Strategic Plan

Fordham lawyers are smart, know the law, have strong judgment, and possess the skills to solve real-world problems.

Whether they are employed by firms, businesses, government agencies, or community organizations, Fordham lawyers are committed to service with an integrity that is a hallmark of Fordham’s Jesuit tradition. Fordham lawyers serve clients and the public at the highest levels as counselors, problem solvers, advocates, and leaders. 

These qualities stem from and reflect Fordham Law School’s unique approach to legal education, which is grounded in deep commitments to excellence, an ethos of care, valuing the individual while building community, and the belief that law and lawyers can nurture human flourishing. Located in new and stunning surroundings in the greatest city in the world, Fordham Law School offers students the extraordinary advantages of a large institution of learning while providing individualized training, focus, and mentorship from our world-class faculty. And Fordham’s extended network of dedicated alumni helps create opportunities within the profession while ensuring that the Law School itself remains strong.

Fordham Law Dean Matthew Diller

"Fordham Law Forward shows how we can address developments in law, technology, culture, government, and business in ways that are rooted in our core shared values so that all Fordham lawyers are prepared to lead the profession into the future and make a difference in the world."

— Matthew Diller
Dean and Paul Fuller Professor of Law

In this plan, Fordham Law School commits itself to the following six strategic objectives: 

• Anticipating the demands of a changing legal profession 
• Fostering a diverse and inclusive community 
• Increasing our scholarly impact 
• Deepening our commitment to service 
• Bringing Fordham Law School to new audiences 
• Enhancing the value of a Fordham Law School education 

Fordham Law Forward advances our core mission of law “in the service of others” by setting a course that will carry the values and strengths of a Fordham Law School education into the future and ensuring that the lawyers we graduate will be more effective than ever.