Judicial Day in Residence

In 2019, Fordham Law School established the Center for Judicial Events & Clerkships. The Center’s judicial engagement mandate reflects our desire to increase collaborations between the Law School and the judiciary, with a goal of instilling in our students a broader appreciation for the importance of civics and the rule of law. 

The Judicial Day in Residence initiative develops a special connection between the Center and a particular court through which our entire law school community can benefit. 

As part of the Judicial Day in Residence, judges are invited to

  • visit a class and co-teach with the professor;
  • enjoy an informal lunch with faculty, students and their judicial colleagues; and
  • participate in a town hall discussion with the law school community, followed by a reception in their honor. 

In recognition of the ties between the law school and the court, the Center welcomes the judges’ current and former Fordham Law clerks at the reception. 

Past Judicial Days in Residence

March 2020: Judicial Day in Residence in collaboration with federal judges in New Jersey (featuring judges on the District of New Jersey and Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

March 2023: Judicial Day in Residence in collaboration with the Southern District of New York

March 2024: Judicial Day in Residence in collaboration with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals

*Hiatus in March 2021 and March 2022 given the COVID-19 Pandemic