Berg Foundation Agunah Project

One of the more painful issues in the area of family law, both in the USA and internationally, is the plight of the Jewish Agunah, who has been refused a bill of divorce (get). Under Jewish law (Halakhah), the only way to effect a divorce is for the husband to give his wife a get of his own free will. Failure to do so will result in the wife becoming an Agunah. The halakhic consequences are severe should she live with another Jewish man and raise a family with him. Many Jewish women over the world spend years seeking to obtain a get from a recalcitrant husband. The plight of the modern Agunah has exercised both Jewish and secular legal systems, and various means have been devised to alleviate it.

This project aims to create a forum where all the different voices that are prepared to listen to each other can meet and discuss new ideas.

Recent Events

April 2024

Lawyers as Changemakers: Addressing the Agunah Issue in U.S. Civil Practice

February 2024

Laying the Groundwork: Introduction to Get Refusal through Jewish and Civil Law